The rejuvenated Irish embody coach’s style

The rivalry is finally back where it belongs. With both USC and Notre Dame entering Saturday’s game ranked in the top 25, there’s a return to normalcy surrounding the annual intersectional clash. But the renewed sense of relevancy goes beyond the little numbers next to each team’s name. The Trojans head to South Bend, Ind., […]

No end in sight for UCLA’s misery

This Saturday, I went over to the dark side: I went to a UCLA football game that didn’t involve USC. A friend of mine offered me a ticket to the Bruins’ game against Oregon, and with the Trojans enjoying their bye week, I decided to take the opportunity to see how the other half lives. […]

Former runner’s life anything but ordinary

At first glance, you can tell there’s something special — something different — about Louis Zamperini. He wears a cardinal USC hat and is 92 years old, but he’ll forgive you for thinking he’s 60. Most men his age are confined to their homes, but you can tell that Zamperini doesn’t live that life. In […]

In search of storylines during a USC bye week

Today is a tough day for columnists. It’s the Thursday before an open Saturday and after a statement Saturday. In laymen’s terms: USC doesn’t play this Saturday. And last Saturday, the Trojans silenced all the critics. Can the defense handle the Heisman front-runner Jahvid Best? Yes. He’s now on the Heisman backburner. Can the offense […]

Trojans again playing as if there’s no doubt

USC’s dancing and chest-thumping on the sideline may be nothing new for the fans or players, yet each hop and step seemed more emphatic than the moves the Trojans made in their sluggish first four games of the year.

Athletes are ruled by their superstitions

Bo DeHuff knew he was in trouble. But nobody else did. Redshirt sophomore DeHuff came to the second hole on the second day of a junior golf tournament as the leader. He held the overnight lead, and he was hitting the ball well. It was his senior year of high school, and he was headed […]

Johnson’s role won’t be easily filled

We all know by now that Stafon Johnson is most likely done for the rest of the season. He was involved in a tragic accident that no one could have predicted or prevented. But what we don’t know is how the USC offense will respond to the incident. More specifically, how will this impact the […]

Stafon Johnson: A true Trojan

Stafon Johnson was the first USC football player I ever talked to. I approached him as he walked off Howard Jones Field after a Monday practice last season. He was visibly busy. There were 10 or 20 kids waiting for his autograph — I later learned this is quite normal — and plenty of things […]

Trojans need past to become present

History is on USC’s side. Recent history, that is. If anyone has learned anything from the trend of losses to inferior, unranked opponents, it’s this: One loss does not end a season. Usually. Somehow, some way, a strange brew of events over the last three years seems to give one-loss USC a shot at getting […]