Trojans find small chances on pro day

Even with all of the fans lining the barrier of Cromwell Field on Wednesday, USC’s annual pro day was a somewhat subdued spectacle. Maybe it was Texas’ concurrent pro day drawing away scouts. Maybe it was the fact that Pete Carroll didn’t make a return to Los Angeles — instead he was in Austin, Texas, […]

Pro day always a real sight to be seen

The following is an excerpt of a 1922 ad published in the New York Times about USC’s pro day: “ … is promised to be the biggest collection of spangles, gilt, glitter, sawdust, lemonade as pink as the blush of a maid, aerialists, freaks, clowns, trained wild animals, zoological types, elephants, gymnasts, wire walkers, bee-you-ti-ful […]

USC could have been a force to reckon with

With very little doubt in my mind, I can strongly say that this is the best March Madness that I’ve ever watched. I doubt you know a single person who picked a Final Four of Butler, Michigan State, West Virginia and Duke. And I doubt you’ve seen very many NCAA tournament games that can match […]

Madness delivers unrivaled storylines

Did you watch that Kansas State-Xavier game? I sure hope you did. Because what a game it was, complete with just about every attribute and storyline you’d want out of a sporting event as a neutral observer. First, you’ve got a great pre-game scenario — a small underdog in Xavier, a big opportunity to reach […]

Madness needs not be extended beyond 65

Explain to me again why expanding the NCAA tournament is a good idea. Because it’s not. Plain and simple, it just doesn’t make any sense. There are those who say more is always better. But when it comes to the tournament, less is more. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove that the current […]

Smaller schools still fight for respect

One of tonight’s Sweet 16 matchups will pit Cornell against Kentucky in perhaps one of the best examples of brain against brawn. Kentucky has four players who will be eventual NBA lottery picks. Cornell backup forward Eitan Chemerinsky can solve a Rubik’s Cube in three minutes. Not since the Notre Dame-Miami “Catholics versus Convicts” game […]

Questions to answer before spring practice

If there’s one word synonymous with spring, it’s football. That’s right — now that basketball season is over at USC, it’s time to turn our attention toward the mecca that is Howard Jones Field. The Trojans begin spring practice in just six days. So to get ready, I will take out my Magic 8 ball […]

Tourney snub can’t warrant giving up

Many fans, myself included, feel the Women of Troy were snubbed last Monday when the NCAA selection committee did not pick the USC women’s basketball team to compete in the NCAA tournament. The team should have made it to the tournament for many reasons. It ended the regular season hot, riding a five-game win streak […]

More to the media than meets the eye

You might not agree with what appears in the paper today, but at least you have the opportunity to read it. That’s more than the students at some schools can say. At Texas A&M University-Commerce two weeks ago, a group of football players stole every copy of the campus newspaper because it contained a front-page […]

Women of Troy have chance to surprise

For those of you who thought the USC basketball season ended March 6, I got news for you. You’re wrong. For the team that overcame adversity and had to adjust to a new coach at the beginning of the season, recorded huge wins over ranked teams, suffered through injuries and bad losses and was boosted […]