Injury provides Tupou with hidden blessing

For Tupou, that eventful day at the Coliseum gave him the opportunity most collegiate football players would happily choose to neglect — a time to look in the mirror and accept the responsibility of prior shortcomings.

In light of early obstacles, any win will do

As sophomore quarterback Matt Barkley got up to leave his seat at the press conference after USC’s closer-than-you’d-like 17-14 win over Virginia Saturday night, he muttered in a hushed voice, almost out of range of the microphone, “A win is a win.” The tone of the statement coming out of the young leader’s mouth appeared […]

Early schedule tough to swallow

Hi. My name is Dave and I love cupcakes. (This is the interactive part of the column, where you collectively and cheerfully reply “Welcome, Dave.”) OK, so there might not be such a thing as Cupcakes Anonymous, but if there were, I would be without a doubt one of its cornerstone members. One look at […]

Young secondary needs to grow up fast

It sets up like a scene from a Road Runner cartoon. Wile E. Coyote, the ever-so-cunning and physically superior beast constructs an apparently flawless contraption on the side of a mountain complete with a slingshot, boulders from the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark and 20 sticks of ACME dynamite to catch the speedy […]

Robey finds strength in challenges

Scandal, sanctions and uncertainty. These are the labels Thursday night’s ESPN broadcasters will use to try to convince you that No. 14 USC’s season will not go so smoothly. Although stories of controversy, instability and turmoil make for a catchy headline, an entertaining talking point during introductions or a time-filler in case the Warriors fail […]

Schedule working in favor of Trojans

Three days from now, the young, talented and completely unproven USC football team will take the field in Honolulu, Hawaii for its first game since the purging that took place earlier this year, which removed coaches, athletic directors and any chance of a BCS bowl (or any bowl, for that matter) appearance. Only a select […]

Sanctions won’t kill Trojans financially

Follow the money. That was the directive given by the mysterious Deep Throat to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward in the film version of All the President’s Men, the account of how two journalists uncovered one of our nation’s most infamous political scandals. Although the recent NCAA sanctions on USC athletics pale in comparison to […]