The legacy of USC’s own ‘Dancing Doll’

What if I told you the man who truly paved the way for the likes of Charles White, O.J. Simpson, Marcus Allen and Reggie Bush never won a Heisman Trophy, a national championship or found himself heading up the backfield for an NFL team? Would you believe me? Odds are, unless you knew the history […]

Defensive inefficiencies doom Trojans

Defense wins games. So is it any surprise that USC lost 32-31 Saturday against the pesky Huskies? The Trojan defense looked utterly anemic this weekend, as Washington quarterback Jake Locker led an offensive charge that picked apart and read USC like a science class dissection lab. Locker threw for 310 yards and a touchdown on […]

Pac-10 depth good for USC

For the second straight week, ESPN’s College GameDay will feature a matchup with a Pac-10 team. For the second straight week, USC is not that team. In the previous decade, this would have been unthinkable. Pete Carroll invaded the Pac-10 and the Trojans were soon lords of the empire. Only a few times during USC’s […]

Respect is due for upcoming foe

What I am about to ask might come across as an act of heresy, or worse, the request of someone who fits perfectly in the mold of Benedict Arnold’s second coming. But before you choose to question my party ties or check to see what school colors I bleed, please hear me out. When Washington’s […]

Havili leading Trojans with experience

If you were listening really hard, you might have been able to hear a collective groan ring throughout Los Angeles on Saturday as Washington State scored the first touchdown of the game against USC. It was as if Trojan fans knew exactly what they were in for over the next three hours — inconsistent USC […]

Trust in freshmen working for volleyball

The moment came sometime in the second set of an early season non-conference match against Cal State Fullerton. After a slow start that saw his team lose the opening set, USC women’s volleyball coach Mick Haley decided to put his trust in his freshmen. Three straight set victories later, Haley’s faith has been rewarded. “No […]

Special teams paying dividends for Trojans

Special teams. Just by the name, the unit separates itself from all other units in a team. Yet, despite what your second-grade teacher might say, simply because something appears special doesn’t mean it’s all that special. Special teams is the area on many teams where second- and third-string players get their chance to see some […]