USC: after dark
“Whether on-campus or off, it’s become clear to me that too much of nightlife serves as a degenerate mating space at best, and an unsafe environment for women, LGBTQ+ people and people of color at worst.”

– Amina Niasse, Features Editor Fall 2022

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the new normal. design.

the new normal.
Although the coronavirus crisis has not been the only pandemic to disrupt the USC community, students are continuing to experience the ebbs and flows of the new normal.

USG 2022 Elections Voter Guide
The Daily Trojan interviewed presidential and senatorial tickets on issues ranging from abolishing Greek Life and optimizing the campus experience to accessibility and mental health and released a letter from the editor criticizing USG’s institutional flaws.

Crosstown Clash: Rivalry Issue
After a year hiatus, the Daily Trojan and the Daily Bruin collaborate in their yearly tradition to produce a supplement filled with articles and multimedia in preparation for the 2021 game.

Sweet Grass and Snake Bite
“For too long, Native students’ voices have been hushed and ignored. I am beyond proud we are producing this supplement to elevate the Native student experience.”
– Sophia Ungaro, Features Editor Fall 2021

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Mini Photo Essays
The pandemic has changed how we go about our lives and the daily things we do. From the newly created wellness days to going out to having an in-person graduation with safety precautions. Through the mini photo essays, Daily Trojan photographers attempted to capture these differences in our routine.

Creativity in Calamity
In some ways the global pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for students, allowing them to pull creativity and inspiration out of a dark hole of depression. Nine to five work hours of monotony and boredom and demanding class schedules have been replaced with a colorful variety of possibilities. Here’s a look at what Daily Trojan photographers have used their time to pursue.

After more than a year of virtual learning, the Trojan Family remains resilient. Whether that means professors, staff or students, everyone involved continues to trudge forward. Since the pandemic shaped every facet of life, Daily Trojan decided to highlight its effect on the USC community.

Fame Without Fanfare
Even as restrictions at sporting events begin to decrease, presaging a potential return to normalcy in our collective fight against the pandemic, times still seem bleak at USC athletic events. Here are the perspectives Daily Trojan photographers captured as players tried to put on a show for their fans in a time of unprecedented abnormality.

USG 2021 Elections Voter Guide
Students cast their vote for the 2021-22 USG president and vice president and senators. In our special voters’ guide, the Daily Trojan interviewed each ticket and spoke with current USG members about transparency and the impact of the summer’s racial reckoning. 

Physically Restricted, Distantly Connected
Through the chaos and unfortunate circumstances, USC students have continued to persist. These photos, taken by Daily Trojan photographers on campus, in the L.A. area, in the Pacific Northwest or internationally, showcase that although students are not physically together, we’re still united virtually.

Nuestra Voz, Nuestra Historia
For Latinx Heritage Month, we at the Daily Trojan have worked to ensure that the stories of USC’s Latinx student population are not tucked away or glossed over. This special issue is the work of Latinx students for Latinx students.

Campus Gone Quiet
This usual campus rhythm has since transformed to a humdrum due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a glimpse into what the campus has looked like while the bulk of its community has been away.

A Long Way from Home
A quarter of USC’s student population is international, and yet this community is often underrepresented in the stories that are told at the University.

USG 2020 Voting Guide
The Daily Trojan interviewed each ticket, followed a day in the life of the the current USG president, broke down the USG budget and traced back the history of student government at USC.

Crime and Safety
Living in a metropolis means dealing with crime — on campus and off. The Daily Trojan dove deep into policing methods, crime trends and community impacts.

Crosstown Crossover: Rivalry Issue
The Daily Trojan and the Daily Bruin collaborate in their yearly tradition to produce a supplement filled with articles and multimedia in preparation for the 2019 game.

Power and Privilege
Inside the University’s gates, beyond the brick buildings, lies the power and privilege of USC.

Speck of Green
Environmental degradation looms as the 21st century’s biggest challenge. But is USC doing enough?

The Making of a Modern Trojan
From the first time students step on the USC campus, they hear about the Trojan Family. They are welcomed into it, told of its legacy and embraced by its rich tradition.

Home Away From Home
Housing is a subject that affects us all; and in South L.A., communities of color are especially vulnerable to gentrification at the hands of landowners and developers, seeking to expand near USC’s neighborhood.

Brick by Brick
Physical renovations aren’t the only changes happening at USC.

USG 2018 Elections Voter Guide
The USG special issue tackles everything voters need to cast their ballot.

One year later, women march on
200,000 marchers descended upon the streets of Los Angeles Saturday in support of women’s rights and gender equality.