A bowl bid still counts for something

Conference championship Saturday has come and gone. The BCS selection show came and went. What did both of these television programs have in common? Neither of them involved USC. If you had told me when the season began that USC would be playing Georgia Tech in a bowl game, I’d have guessed the Trojans got […]

Trap could be waiting for Trojans in Tucson

Though I’m not particularly fluent in the various Internet memes, their origins or why people take the time to generate so many, USC’s clash at Arizona on Saturday conjures one I’ve seen floating around cyberspace: “It’s a trap!” Before continuing, here’s a brief meme history lesson: This meme is derived from a scene in Star […]

Trojans can get back into the BCS equation

By now, you’ve likely heard a pundit mention that one team or another controls its own destiny. Just what does it need to do? Run the table. This is college football speak. This has been uttered before. This is hackneyed. But this also pertains to USC. What this means is: If a team can win […]

USC fans are wise to not get excited yet

Trojan fans, I’m proud of you. I thought, after USC’s 49-10 blowout of Hawai’i in which sophomore wide receiver Marqise Lee took the first play of the entire season for a touchdown, you would all start booking flights to Miami and talking about how you couldn’t wait to beat down Alabama. I was all set […]

March still trumps the BCS chaos every time

Every college football season for the past 10 years has featured a thunderstorm of complaints about everybody’s favorite whipping boy, the Bowl Championship Series. When fans, coaches and sports writers complain about the lack of a playoff system in college football, they immediately point to March Madness as the gold standard for determining a true […]

Computer-led BCS will always miss the mark

The BCS rankings were released Sunday, and you know what that means: The controversy has begun. It may be a blessing for college football, it may be a curse, who knows? Whatever your take is, the Bowl Controversy Series rankings surely make for the kind of midseason drama that is not possible in any other […]