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Theater group brings online cat craze to life

“It’s an experiment in meaning,” Ellen Warkentine said to the crowd before a workshop performance of Act 1 of LOLPERA, her opera based on the LOLcats Internet meme. “It’s about seeking truth in places where no truth can be found.” Then — with nothing but a stripper pole for set design — a group of […]

Echo Park shop latest victim of LAPD raid

Since 2006, the Echo Curio Curiosity Shop and Art Gallery has hosted experimental all-ages shows in its living room-sized storefront on a popular Echo Park strip of Sunset Boulevard. But earlier this month, the privately owned community space known for its support of the freaky, demented and avant-garde side of Eastside culture was unceremoniously shut […]

Low-key district creates sonic fest

Northeast Los Angeles is a community-defining term unknown to many native Angelenos. South Los Angeles, East Los Angeles  and “the Westside” have all become common area identifiers, but Northeast Los Angeles remains an abyss in the minds of many locals even though it encompasses some of the oldest and most culturally flourishing parts of the […]

Festival turns entire city into a museum

The welcome signs posted at entrances to Santa Monica State Beach host a list of rules that must be observed while enjoying Los Angeles’ most beloved sandy stretch: No temporary enclosures, no percussion instruments, no audio devices after 10 p.m., no loitering under the pier. These are just a few of the many laws the […]

Craft beer comes to City of Angels

If cities were alcoholic beverages, Los Angeles would be a mix of vodka and Red Bull — a potent dose of liquor hidden beneath the sugary-sweet sheen of a counterintuitive energy boost. San Diego, just a few hours south, would be defined by its main boozy creation, one rooted in a working-class ethic that has […]

Modern buildings still thrive in L.A.

From the early days of film to the most reckless days of punk, Los Angeles has always been a hub for creative innovation. Our historical distance from European thought and our physical distance from older cities like New York has allowed Los Angeles to be used as a petri dish for all kinds of experimentation. […]