Branding extends to products, cookbooks

Anyone with a genuine passion for food keeps a list of dream restaurants. If you love food, New York’s Momofuku Ko, Berkeley’s Chez Panisse and Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm are all gastronomic temples to which you’ve probably longed to pilgrimage. And if you’ve never heard of these restaurants, you will soon. That’s because these are three […]

Atmosphere, not food, shines at Bottega Louie

At around 10:15 Saturday night, I walked into Bottega Louie. This chic downtown eatery, located on Grand Avenue, is absolutely stunning. The ceilings are high, the restaurant incredibly spacious and the décor elegant. The front is dedicated to the bakery, where colorful layers of macarons lay stacked upon each other. For just a moment, you […]

Fancier dining for those on a budget

For much of the semester, this column has covered the somewhat unsavory details of our never-ending relationship with food: misguided legislature, booming obesity rates, the ethics of meat consumption — the list goes on. These issues, though potentially confusing, divisive and frustrating, are still significant. After all, food is an integral aspect of life. But […]