Open-faced toasts are simple and adaptable

Despite its sophisticated French name, a tartine is simply a thick slice of rustic bread lightly toasted and adorned with whatever sweet and savory ingredients suit your fancy. Served with a lightly dressed green salad, a tartine feels more special than the predictable PB&J but just as quick and easy to prepare. Since the open-faced […]

No substitute for grilled cheese

National Grilled Cheese Day was this past Saturday and once again, I was not being able to enjoy what that beautiful day brought together: bread and cheese. Let’s be real, a girl’s best friend could be diamonds or chocolate. But in reality, I think we all can agree that nothing is better than a fresh, […]

Embrace leftovers with new recipes

Spring break is less than a week away, so students are starting to get a small taste of what freedom is like along with the pressure of having to cram for midterms. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am also cramming to clean out my fridge so that nothing goes to waste — […]