Where does this historic rivalry now stand? (ND)

Six years ago, No. 9 Notre Dame hosted No. 1 USC in one of the most memorable contests in recent college football memory — a game remembered simply as the “Bush Push.” Though the Irish fell in a heartbreaking 34-31 defeat, many viewed the game as evidence of Notre Dame’s imminent return to football prominence. […]

Where does this historic rivalry now stand? (DT)

Unless I’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last decade, the question of who still holds a grasp on the coveted “Jeweled Shillelagh” heading into USC and Notre Dame’s prime time showdown tomorrow night, requires little to no thought: USC. There’s no bias here or jaded sense of entitlement, the numbers, the wins, the […]

Coaches don’t deserve all scrutiny, blame

USC-Notre Dame just doesn’t have the same kick to it anymore. With both teams at relative low points, the bad blood in the rivalry doesn’t quite boil like it used to (at least on the West Coast, anyway — South Bend might be a different story). Sure, the game will receive plenty of attention with […]