Strength in stability for Helton, USC heading into new campaign

For fans of storied college football programs, a reassuring feeling surfaces every year. Bolstered by NFL Draft hype and heralded recruiting classes, institutions such as USC always feel on the verge of national dominance. This perspective has no reason to falter for Trojan fans this year, as head coach Clay Helton’s squad will more likely […]

Helton is not ready to be in charge

I like Clay Helton, I really do. I respect him. He is a man of faith and integrity. He truly cares, and players like him. However, being a great guy doesn’t mean you should be the head football coach at USC. Nice only gets you so far, and clearly not far enough for victory. That was […]

USC routs Utah State at home for first win of season

Following a forgettable opening season defeat to Alabama, USC needed a strong, all-around win against Utah State on Saturday for a multitude of reasons — and the Trojans got it. It was a night-and-day comparison to last Saturday’s performance in Arlington, as the Trojans dominated on offense, defense and special teams to the tune of a 45-7 […]

Current coaches not fit for big games

I don’t think Clay Helton can beat Alabama. Of course, it won’t be just Helton out there on Saturday against the Crimson Tide. It’s not a chess match between him and Nick Saban. Coaches can only do so much. But I don’t think Helton is the kind of coach who will lead USC to victory […]