Spring ball gives look into season of change

A lot of things are coming to an end this week. Classes are done Friday. Spring football ends with the spring game at the Coliseum on Saturday, and the Daily Trojan’s last issue comes out Thursday. Given this is the last football practice this paper will cover until August, it seems appropriate to glaze over, […]

Baxter can make a name all by himself

I’m sure you have seen the video by now. After all, it has been watched almost two million times. The football player in the clip runs a sweep, darts to the sideline, cuts back once, twice and then a third time while defenders fall around him as if their legs suddenly turned to jelly. Running […]

Only time will reveal Baxter’s ability

It sort of just happened. True freshman early enrollee Dillon Baxter had a great day during Saturday’s scrimmage on Howard Jones Field, and things flowed from there. First, let’s clarify a bit. Baxter, a running back, had a really great day — so great, he broke a remarkable 50-yard touchdown run and led all backs […]