Lessons from the past

Steven Lamy, a professor of international relations, speaks at Doheny Memorial Library on Tuesday about international relations and linguistics preserving the legacies of past empires and creating new ethical and cultural dilemmas. The event was part of the Dornsife Commons.

No strings attached

Sarah Davis, a graduate student studying harp performance, presents a public master class in the Intellectual Commons at Doheny Memorial Library on Thursday. Davis performed works by composers Guiseppe Verdi, Richard Strauss, Hector Berlioz and Gustav Mahler.

Tree of knowledge

Freshmen (right to left) Logan Heley, a broadcast journalism major; Alicia Jewell, a business administration major; Roy Jacob, a computer engineering major; Ran Woodfin, a mechanical engineering major; and Winston Van Keulen, a civil engineering major, enjoy some free time under a tree behind the Doheny Memorial Library courtyard.