COLUMN: Artists don’t have to be good people

It almost feels like a personal betrayal when an artist does something out of character. You think you have come to know them, their quirks and the style of music, but then they do something completely foreign to their personality. Take Drake for example. He recently dropped More Life, a “playlist” that broke streaming records […]

Intersection of music and sport forms new media monolith

Sports and music have always been not-so-strange bedfellows — just look at Sheryl Crowe and Lance Armstrong, or Madonna and Alex Rodriguez, to name a few. But in recent years, this marriage has gone beyond celebrity relationships as the institutions themselves are becoming increasingly “synonymous.” Each passing year, it seems like there are more references […]

Drake and Stromae: In a time of international unity, how similar are we?

The Olympics are often seen as a time of international unity, when countries can set aside their differences in order to celebrate humanity’s greatest athletic achievements. Unfortunately, the Olympics just as often evoke both blatant and subtle forms of political posturing that highlight cultural differences rather than commonalities. In the buildup to and commencement of […]

The bad boys and girls dominate new releases

Since the beginning of the entertainment industry, there have always been celebrities that just can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Certain artists court controversy as often as they court producers, and some even end up making a career based more on bad press than actual talent. Seemingly living by the ethos of “there’s […]

Drake album drop delayed

Be sure to Take Care of the 10 dollars in your pocket that you were going to spend on the new Drizzy album in a few weeks. You can Thank Drake Later for the postponement of his new album, which was originally due out on his birthday, Oct. 24. Don’t get up in arms about […]