Eric Strangis’ walk-on reality provides lesson

With just two minutes remaining in USC’s 65-42 drubbing of Stanford on Thursday night, junior walk-on guard Eric Strangis stepped on to the Galen Center court for the first time in his collegiate career. The entrance lacked the typical Hollywood-esque feel you’d assume would accompany a young man’s final fulfillment of an improbable dream. There […]

The fine line between sanity and sports

Ghandi once said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Sadly, this timeless lesson never made its way to the town of Kingston, Tenn. In observance of coach Lane Kiffin’s abrupt departure from Knoxville one year ago,, the owner of the town’s shooting range, concluded that there was no better way to […]

Trojans hope to begin year on right foot

Every year around this time there is a faint sense of renewal and change we really can believe in. When the calendar flips to a new 365-day period, the talk is always about what we hope to achieve tomorrow, not of what we didn’t achieve yesterday. Yet in these often best-laid plans, our fickleness typically […]

Teenager’s courage a good lesson for Trojans

The murmurs I’m hearing through the grapevine signal a sense of uneasiness in Southern California, as the calendar changes to 2011 in just more than a month. To put it mildly, the last 330 days around this neck of the woods haven’t exactly been hallmark material for the USC football program. Coaching departures, NCAA-imposed sanctions, […]

Vucevic used to adapting to change

As a child, he watched his father run up and down the court, unaware of the sights and sounds that passed him by. When he grew old enough to appreciate the significance of sports, it was soccer — not basketball — that first caught his eye. But for USC’s junior power forward Nikola Vucevic, whether […]

Joneses’ cohesion is the glue for Trojans

After a few clicks and a short Google Maps search later, it’s easy to see how far Saginaw, Mich., is from Taft, Calif. To measure it in miles (2,304), however, wouldn’t quite tell you how far USC men’s basketball’s newest and youngest starting backcourt — freshmen Bryce Jones and Maurice Jones — have come to […]

Commitment defines Fontan’s trek to USC

On the night of April 9, 2007, thousands of fans crammed into the aging bleachers of the Fellowship House gymnasium for what was billed to be the greatest one-act play in the history of the Albert C. Donofrio Basketball Classic. The tournament, which aims to showcase the brightest hardwood talents in the Philadelphia-South New Jersey […]

The legacy of USC’s own ‘Dancing Doll’

What if I told you the man who truly paved the way for the likes of Charles White, O.J. Simpson, Marcus Allen and Reggie Bush never won a Heisman Trophy, a national championship or found himself heading up the backfield for an NFL team? Would you believe me? Odds are, unless you knew the history […]

Respect is due for upcoming foe

What I am about to ask might come across as an act of heresy, or worse, the request of someone who fits perfectly in the mold of Benedict Arnold’s second coming. But before you choose to question my party ties or check to see what school colors I bleed, please hear me out. When Washington’s […]