March Madness, NBA can’t compare

Maybe I just don’t get March Madness. Despite the fact that the Final Four matchups take place this weekend, the hype just doesn’t seem to interest me. The NCAA men’s basketball championships are a strange tournament, one where excitement seems to move in an inverse direction, contrary to the nature of typical elimination tournaments. Other […]

Trojan basketball is in need of a Final Four

Between stuffing my face with beignets, listening to jazz music in Jackson Square and making my way through the chaos that is Bourbon Street this past weekend at the Final Four in New Orleans, I thought hard about USC basketball. For those who have never been, the Final Four is unequivocally the greatest spectacle in […]

Going to 96 would weaken the field

If you thought your bracket looked bad this year, just wait until next year. Yes, it will be hard to beat the chaos of only one No. 1 seed making the Final Four and having a school that most people couldn’t locate on a map almost win the entire tournament. But if the tournament expands […]

USC could have been a force to reckon with

With very little doubt in my mind, I can strongly say that this is the best March Madness that I’ve ever watched. I doubt you know a single person who picked a Final Four of Butler, Michigan State, West Virginia and Duke. And I doubt you’ve seen very many NCAA tournament games that can match […]