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Queer TV characters grow into their own

USC’s decision to host a Visions and Voices panel Thursday on queer television just goes to show that more people today are discussing queer characters and their impact on television. Over the past 50 years, television has taken large strides to portray more LGBTQ characters. But though queer television is no longer a niche topic, […]

TV struggles with political agendas

With the election finally over, political discussion will return over the coming weeks to its usual, more manageable fervor. Though a welcome respite to most, that certainly isn’t to say that it’s time to tune out of current events completely; for anyone who consumes television, doing so would be more or less impossible. Politics and […]

Presidential parodies prove more entertaining than actual debates

This past week, the most talked about television moments didn’t come from Glee’s multiple, melodramatic breakups or the much anticipated return of 30 Rock. On Wednesday night, it was President Barack Obama and his opponent Governor Mitt Romney who captivated audiences everywhere during the first of three presidential election debates. Nearly 67.2 million people tuned in to […]

Bonnie Dune energizes Tommy’s Place

A throng of students crowded into Tommy’s Place on Saturday night to watch Bonnie Dune perform, many of whom likely showed up to see Glee’s Cory Monteith on percussion. As the lights dimmed, Bonnie Dune’s band members entered to raucous applause, with Monteith sneaking into his seat with a gleeful grin. Justin Wilczynski played lead vocals with […]