Middle Eastern students face differences

Sahar Khorramnezhad is always dressed to a T. With dark hair, a strut that turns heads and a smile that brings light to any room, most know Khorramnezhad as a student highly involved in a variety of activities on the University Park Campus, ranging from her pre-law fraternity to Undergraduate Student Government. But she hasn’t […]

Three great ways to celebrate Purim at USC

Whether it be days off from school, dreidels and latkes or lavish holiday meals cooked by the stereotypical Jewish mother who is convinced that her baby is not eating enough in college, it seems every calendar month has some kind of Jewish holiday. February is no exception to that rule, Purim falls right during midterm […]

Matzo is more than just Jewish flatbread

The appeal of unleavened bread might be limited. At least that’s how the food would sound to anyone unfamiliar with the thin, cracker-like matzo, a Jewish dietary staple that makes a resurgence with the arrival of Passover this time of year. The common explanation for matzo’s origins is that Israelites had little time to flee […]