eReaders refocus on critical reading skills

In honor of National Reading Month, this week retail giant offered a $20 discount on all Kindle models, slashing the price of the basic model to just $49. I used to think the Kindle was an idiotic device, or, at best, something you could read while holding a snifter in the other hand. With […]

E-book trend doesn’t lessen joy of reading

They are easily downloadable, cheap — if not free — and highly portable for those settling in on a long plane ride. And though no one’s quite sure when they first arrived, e-books have confounded the publishing world since they first reached mainstream success in 2007, when Amazon unveiled its Kindle e-reader. For bibliophiles, the […]

Reading habits in a state of flux

A recent USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll shows that e-readers are gaining ground on traditional print media, but USC students and university librarians tell a different story.

Comic book industry in the midst of change

Books, more than any other medium, seem to be embracing the digital revolution. But even more so than prose novels, the comic book industry is looking to move beyond its traditional format. Whereas e-readers like the Kindle or Nook really just transcribe the pages to a screen, comic book writers are finding new ways to […]

Digital not always the best choice in the end

This past week the bibliophile in me took a bit of a hit. Borders, one of the largest bookstore chains in the country, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced it will be closing around 30 percent of its stores. Having spent much of my youth inside stores like Borders, this was not pleasant news. How […]