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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GSG’s fund for foreign students is an important step

This week, USC’s Graduate Student Government will open the first known emergency fund for international and undocumented students at an American university. The fund will provide emergency support for students facing revocation of their student visas as a result of the current administration’s actions (including this week’s updated executive order barring the citizens of six […]

A word from USG

The main role of the Undergraduate Student Government is to serve as the representative body for the undergraduate student population here at USC. The Undergraduate Student Government, also known as USG, is able to do this through the programming of events, advocating for desired changes, funding student organizations and events and writing new legislation for […]

Letter to the editor

Graduate student loan interests cannot be increased   On Wednesday,  Dec. 4, graduate and professional students at USC joined graduate and professional students from schools around the nation to host a “Call Congress” day in conjunction with the GradsHaveDebt2 campaign. Graduate Student Government hosted the Call Congress Day on campus as a member of the […]

Letter to the Editor

In response to “Healthcare website spurs problems”   I am deeply concerned by the level of misinformation present in Ms. Valerie Yu’s opinion piece on the Affordable Care Act, which appeared in the Oct. 29 issue of the Daily Trojan. Writers of opinion pieces are entitled to exactly that: opinions. This letter aims to examine […]

Letter to the editor

In response to “USG salaries established as the highest in the Pac-12” On behalf of USC’s Undergraduate Student Government, I would like to offer a very simple explanation as to why USG pays its members: diversity and inclusion. As an organization, USG strives to attract and retain some of USC’s brightest and most diverse students. […]

Letter to the editor

An old joke goes that Americans have three neighbors: Canadians, Mexicans and fish. When thinking about why Americans are notoriously lethargic towards learning foreign languages, I wonder if this might have something to do with it. That being said, I believe it is imperative that USC begin offering an Indonesian language program to its students. […]

Letter to the editor

In response to “Petraeus unfit to mentor USC students” Self-proclaimed radical, Jayel Aheram, recently wrote an article for the Daily Trojan stating his belief that General Petraeus is unfit to mentor USC veterans.  His article is rife with hypotheticals, speculation and unsubstantiated “facts,” and the crux of his argument is an out-of-context quote from Marine […]