Just a Girl Living Out Her Favorite London Rom Coms

Before coming to London in January for a semester, most of my opinions of London were based on ‘90s romantic comedies. In fact, I have watched a young, tongue-tied Hugh Grant fall in love with a pretty brunette in London so many times, that I half expected him to greet me at Heathrow International Airport […]

“Thanksgiving” in London

It’s always weird spending a Thanksgiving away from home. The tradition of spending those few days with family while you stuff your face with turkey is a solidified routine for most Americans, so I really had no idea what to expect spending my first Thanksgiving in another country. Because Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in the U.K., […]

London calling: Reflecting on a spring semester abroad

At this point in the semester, all of us — abroad or not — are forced to evaluate what exactly we’ve accomplished over the past four months. What did we learn? Were our classes a waste of time? Did we have fun? Did we have too much fun? Thinking about where we started is the […]

Stranded in Europe at the mercy of ash

It’s midnight on a Sunday as I write my very last column of the semester from a computer at a hostel in Prague. Only at this time of night can I avoid the dirty looks I’d normally get for commandeering the sole machine with Internet access. On a computer without Microsoft Office, Google Docs has […]

Comedy club shows off London humour

If I ever put out a personal ad, I would only need one line: “Single girl in search of funny man.” And because I also like guys with British accents, the idea of a British comedian makes me weak in the knees. So during my regular midnight session of Googling for the best places to […]

London transplant hasn’t the foggiest

I have a confession to make. I am no longer a virgin to snow. During winter break, for two glorious days, I saw snow fall to the ground for the very first time. Contently watching from indoors while white powder peacefully rose above the windowsill like the ocean tide, the L.A. native inside of me […]