PR battle hopeless challenge for Kiffin

When it comes to a battle of perception, USC coach Lane Kiffin is probably going to lose. And he’s probably going to lose about 11 out of 10 times. It comes with the territory of being Lane Kiffin, in large part. Most USC fans have never exactly instilled a ton of faith in the Trojans’ […]

Stat to watch: Turnover margin

With USC playing countless close games in the past three seasons, turnover margin has become an important statistic to monitor. On the one hand, each turnover created presents USC’s offense with a shorter field to work with. On the other hand, turning the ball stalls drives and hands momentum to the opponent. In the previous […]

Kiffin needs to take chances downfield

The 2000s were an exciting time for USC football. An unsuspecting fan wandering into the Coliseum on any given Saturday could be blindsided by the electrifying offensive play of the Trojans. Points came a dime-a-dozen, yardage climbed to astronomical heights and sensational plays unfolded from the most basic formations. USC seemed to be able to […]

Kiffin’s choices could end up hurting USC

It worked against unranked Minnesota. It might not this week. Despite poor playcalling and a few other head-scratching decisions against the Golden Gophers, USC managed to notch a win Saturday in its season opener. But if USC coach Lane Kiffin follows the same script against Utah, the Trojans could be looking at a souring 1-1 […]

Live Blog: USC vs. Minnesota

We’re live here at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for No. 25 USC’s season opener against Minnesota. Be sure to follow our live blog for in-game updates, as well as our Twitter account @DT_Sports.

Ambiguity of football program might help

If you tried wrapping your head around USC’s football team this season, chances are you’d find yourself wanting to know more. Because of the ever-vigilant eye of the sports media and its constant barrage of prediction and analysis, it’s become a real challenge for a program of USC’s stature to sneak up on anyone. Still, […]