Former USC quarterback Mitch Mustain signs baseball contract

Former USC quarterback Mitch Mustain signed a minor league contract to play baseball for the Chicago White Sox, according to the Los Angeles Times. Mustain has not played baseball competitively in eight years, but he sparked the interest of the White Sox after throwing a ball 90 mph. “This is my one shot and I […]

Seasoned Barkley delivering for USC

Back in 2009, when then-USC coach Pete Carroll named Matt Barkley the Trojans’ starting quarterback — over Aaron Corp and Mitch Mustain — his rationale behind handing the job to the wide-eyed freshman signal caller was simple. “He has all the physical ability, he has the mentality and temperament to handle the position,” Carroll said. […]

Establishing a backup quarterback is crucial

Backup quarterbacks live by this mantra: It’s just a play away. Just as the vice president is a heartbeat away from the presidency, the No. 2 signal-callers are one snap away from going from relative obscurity to having all eyes looking at them. There are those who never get the chance, those that history relegates […]