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Life is Beautiful Festival set to take over Las Vegas next weekend

What started as a smaller event has boomed into a must-go to festival for Las Vegas locals and an entertaining weekend getaway for others. Downtown Las Vegas will transform itself to host the fourth annual Life is Beautiful music festival next weekend. Different from other music festivals, Life is Beautiful showcases art, food, comedy and […]

Lightning in a Bottle expects to celebrate their 10 year anniversary this Memorial Weekend

If you’re already having withdrawals after experiencing the Do Lab stage at Coachella this year, fear not, this power house production team is feverishly preparing for their annual festival, Lightning in a Bottle, coming this May. Lightning in a Bottle focuses on music, art, spirituality, all while being the most eco-friendly festival in America. The […]

Packing essentials for Coachella

Coachella. It’s that wonderful time of year when fashionable teens, attention-starved celebrities in pursuit of PR opportunities, and jaded hipsters flock to an otherwise unknown region of California in an attempt to out-trend each other (and maybe listen to some cool music too). Each year the renowned music festival garners around 50,000 attendees— and among […]

The Coachella experience

Coachella is always a desert transformed — an oasis for the noisy, the avant garde and those who get down and dirty. This year, business executives and punk rockers commiserated in the name of rock ‘n’ roll, electronica and hip-hop — anything to make their head spin, hands clap or hips shake. For first-timers, the […]

Coachella underdogs worth the early trip

April in Southern California brings three certain, oft-dreaded events: rainstorms, tax day and Coachella. Currently in its 11th year, the formerly two-day-, once one-day- and now three-day-long Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual mecca for area music fans. In its relatively short tenure, Coachella has become a local staple. But what started […]