The final frontier

Matt Wallace, Mars Science Laboratory Flight System Manager from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, speaks to the students of ISE-515: “Engineering Project Management” on Monday. Wallace addressed his experiences preparing and testing the Curiosity Mars rover before its launch in 2011.  

In Photos: Endeavour travels to Science Center

Beginning early Friday morning, crews worked to transport the shuttle 12 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport to its permanent residence at the California Science Center in Exposition Park across from USC. The shuttle finally reached the museum just after 1 p.m Sunday. Read the full article here. Photos by Alex Rose  

Angelenos celebrate Endeavour flight for the wrong reasons

It seemed as if the whole city was watching: The six o’clock news was flooded with interviews from people who had waited in a certain spot for hours, people updated their Facebook statuses at the speed of light and Instagram probably almost broke down due to the amount of users making their space shuttle shots […]