Scandinavian food grows in popularity in US

If it’s true that the Danes live to eat, the Norwegians eat to live and the Swedes eat to drink, then it must also be said that Americans eat to experience other cultures. And it is with fervor that the restaurant industry has attached itself to the cultures of Scandinavia. It’s not unprecedented. The food […]

Chinatown’s interior breaks tourist stigma

If you think about spending a day in Chinatown, perhaps not much more comes to mind than bargain shopping and Chinese food grubbing. But a closer exploration of Chinatown will reveal the unique places that make it much more complex and interesting. Conveniently close to campus, the area is replete with idiosyncrasies and an overall […]

Creative methods enhance seafood

Traditionally a showcase for pork and beef, charcuterie is a delicious assortment of smoked and cured meats and pâtés, often served with bread, cheese and a pickled veggie or two. But charcuterie is now having a seafood moment. A survey of popular chefs in the Boston Globe determined that seafood charcuterie is the number one […]