Suing NCAA not a viable option for USC

Well, that was exhausting. Five years, one month and six days later, and the final chapter to the Reggie Bush era officially closed Thursday morning with the NCAA once again giving USC the cold shoulder, announcing the school’s appeal of last June’s sanctions had been denied. And it’s about time. For a case dating back […]

NCAA air balls UConn situation

As I watched the NCAA championship game, I could only shake my head in disbelief. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The entire Butler team could not put the ball in the basket, and, as hard as it is to believe, UConn wasn’t much better. But besides the lack of offensive efficiency both teams, […]

Cheating pervasive in college athletics

When I heard Oregon had paid scout Will Lyles $25,000 for recruiting services, I wasn’t even surprised. Whether within the rules or not, the Oregon situation is a stark reminder that the mechanism of college recruiting is corrupt at multiple levels.

Treatment of USC has never been ‘fair’

NCAA bylaws require that a successful appeal of sanctions proves an “abuse of discretion.” But fans understand that doing so is challenging. The odds are bleak. College athletics’ governing body must acknowledge its previously rendered decision was incorrect. In essence, it must admit failure. Since the NCAA amended its procedure for appeals hearings in 2008, […]

Trojans hope NCAA appeal is not fruitless

During all the hooting and hollering erupting from the NCAA bowl season, USC was conspicuously silent. The Trojans, muzzled by NCAA sanctions, have known since the summer that no matter how well they performed this year, they would be sitting at home during the postseason. It must have been hard watching Stanford smash Virginia Tech […]