Sips Tea: How Being Better Can Change the World

  Usually my “Sips Tea” articles are lighthearted, fun and even a little sassy. But this week, like some weeks before, is different. I want to use this platform to talk about an important message that needs to be heard, especially after the popularity of a recently released Netflix show 13 Reasons Why has entered […]

Sips Tea: Advice You Need To Hear Right Now

  For starters, I know I have been slacking. But sometimes I have to get my ducks in a row and my life more in order before I could even begin to put my thoughts down into Microsoft Word. I feel like the one constant in my life right now is the stress of figuring […]

Sips Tea: The Power of Vulnerability

Half of me wants to spill all the tea that has been my life these past couple of weeks to you all and the other half of me wants nothing to do with other human beings right now. I’m not even sure what I wanted to talk about because lately I have been feeling so […]

Sips Tea: Storms, Stress, and a Little Self Love

Rain, rain go away. Come again… nah. Stay away. I’m sure I speak for many people when I say that I would very much appreciate if the rain and general cloudy weather subsided. Last night after attending a master’s program informational session on the USC Health and Sciences campus, I stood outside in the rain […]

Sips Tea: How I Became Happy

I know many of you clicked on this article to find out how to change your own lives. Maybe that means reducing stress, getting more sleep in, or just finding a little more to be happy about every day. I can’t make any promises that by doing what I did your problems will be solved, […]

Sips Tea: Follow the Rainy Brick Road

It’s a new year, a new semester, but the same me. Your girl is back and better than ever. I’ve never been a New Year’s resolutions kind of chick, probably because all my promises to eat healthier quickly expire as soon as I have a craving for a burger after the ball drops. Some things […]

Sips Tea: Surviving the Rest of 2016

Three tissue boxes and one large bowl of chicken noodle soup later, and I am finally sitting down to write this last article for the semester. It is safe to say that the four papers I had due back-to-back right after Thanksgiving did not give me much time to enjoy my food coma…or leftovers for […]

Sips Tea: Peep It, Pray On It, Keep It Pushing

To anyone who has made it this far in following my blog…you a real one. I feel like all of you deserve some sort of prize but since I spent all of my coins on sweaters in preparation for the fall (which never arrived), ya girl will just send you some “in spirit” type vibes. […]

Sips Tea: Lost Chick to Boss Chick

It’s that time of the year — the flu has settled in at every dorm and sorority house around campus, teachers are cramming papers and projects to be done before Thanksgiving Break, and we have a new president! Whether you were with her or with him, the country is definitely in for some big changes. Personally, […]

Sips Tea: How Living Alone Changed My Life

This year marks my second year living alone. To some people, the words “living alone” might seem scary, but I’m here to tell you why going “solo dolo” could be the next best decision you make. It worked out for Beyonce and trust me, it can work out for you too. My college living journey […]