What’s hot at Sundance 2012

The 2012 Sundance Film Festival kicked off Thursday with tons of films that sound both promising and intriguing. The films that premiere in Sundance are eventually released in the United States toward the fall – that’s hoping they find a distributor there, if they don’t already have one – and usually sparks become game changers for […]

USC at Sundance

Every year, members of the Trojan Family descend on Park City, Utah for the movie industry’s biggest independent film festival.

Voyeurism, narcissism and vanity thrive in ‘Public’

Before you could tag yourself in Facebook pictures, organize your Top 8 friends on MySpace or send @MileyCyrus a love tweet, there was a web pioneer in the ’80s and ’90s named Josh Harris, whose aggressive business tactics and eccentricities have been captured by director Ondi Timoner in the searing documentary We Live in Public. […]