Filmmaking juggernauts team up for 1970s thriller

J.J. Abrams keeps on coming back to a box he received in his childhood. As a boy, Abrams was given a ‘mystery box’ — unknown items inside a box labeled only with a question mark. Abrams, now nearly 45, has never opened it, but has said the box’s tug on his imagination greatly influences his […]

Looking beyond the summer blockbusters

Summer’s starting early this year. In Hollywood, at least, summer begins with the release of the first big blockbuster hopeful. Thor, due May 6, will be followed by countless other “event” movies, big-budget action flicks and a record number of sequels. The summer box office will no doubt be dominated by the likes of the […]

Taking a look at Super 8

The full length trailer for Super 8 seems more concerned with character and story rather than predictable plot points filled with special effects. The film is directed by J.J. Abrams, but the trailer reminds us more of the films of Steven Spielberg. Super 8 is produced by Steven Spielberg, who had a hand in the […]