Walking Dead serves as metaphor for reality

When it comes to the subject of supernatural phenomena, producers have moved in quite a few different directions. There are the romantic, sexualized vampires that seem more interested in finding potential mates than sucking blood, which supposedly is their natural instinct. And there are glamorized witches and wizards from series such as Sabrina, the Teenage […]

Popular TV shows rely on moral ambiguity

If there’s an unspoken rule in this golden age of television, it’s that the truly great shows embrace moral ambiguity. The Sopranos kicked things off with a sympathetic portrayal of mafia life and paved the way for mature, serialized storytelling like nothing the small screen had ever witnessed. From the cops and dealers of The […]

Comic book industry in the midst of change

Books, more than any other medium, seem to be embracing the digital revolution. But even more so than prose novels, the comic book industry is looking to move beyond its traditional format. Whereas e-readers like the Kindle or Nook really just transcribe the pages to a screen, comic book writers are finding new ways to […]

2011: A glimpse of the road ahead

In 2010, pop culture got a little crazier. Katy Perry shot whipped cream from contraptions strapped to her chest in the video for “California Gurls,” box office sales rose with the reality-challenging Inception, and the exploding popularity of Jersey Shore landed Snooki inside a falling ball on New Year’s Eve. But none of this compares […]