Carroll faces most difficult challenge yet

Nothing compares to the challenge facing coach Pete Carroll right now. Not preparing for an undefeated Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. Not getting ready to face Vince Young in the Rose Bowl. Not convincing prized recruits to come to USC rather than another school. Not assembling one of the greatest offenses in college football history. […]

Oregon controls the Pac-10 realm

The strangest part about Saturday’s loss to Oregon wasn’t how it transpired. It was how it felt afterward. It didn’t feel like just a loss. It felt like a revolution. Past losses have felt like exactly what they were: unexpected defeats. The loss at Washington six weeks ago was a hiccup, a setback the Trojans […]

Trojans can’t let Rodgers brothers break out

Golden Tate was pretty good this past Saturday, but wait until you see what the other guys can do. The Notre Dame junior receiver took a USC defense that had barely bent all season — and was almost never broken — and, well, broke it a bit. He had eight catches for 117 yards and […]

In search of storylines during a USC bye week

Today is a tough day for columnists. It’s the Thursday before an open Saturday and after a statement Saturday. In laymen’s terms: USC doesn’t play this Saturday. And last Saturday, the Trojans silenced all the critics. Can the defense handle the Heisman front-runner Jahvid Best? Yes. He’s now on the Heisman backburner. Can the offense […]

Trojans need past to become present

History is on USC’s side. Recent history, that is. If anyone has learned anything from the trend of losses to inferior, unranked opponents, it’s this: One loss does not end a season. Usually. Somehow, some way, a strange brew of events over the last three years seems to give one-loss USC a shot at getting […]

USC-OSU should be more of the same

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. USC opens up its season with a 50-point romp, beating up a lesser opponent before a supposed “game of the year” the following week against a highly ranked team. Ohio State stumbles before the “game of the year,” playing down to an inferior opponent and having to […]

A reminder for fans familiar with success

Success isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. It is something that is earned, not merely handed over on a silver platter. Remember that, because it is too often forgotten within the confines of this campus. It’s impossible to fault anyone for thinking so, with double-digit win seasons and BCS bowl berths — and victories — […]