Auteurship gives dull cinema style, flair

With a slew of remakes and sequels dominating theaters, modern cinema is seemingly devoid of originality. Many films could escape this fate, but they lack the creative drive necessary for a unique voice — they lack auteurship. The auteur theory suggests that a film’s originality, in large part, stems from the director, the driving creative […]

Vampire films haven’t retreated back to the shadows

Vampire films have a mixed success rate in Hollywood. Breaking Dawn Part 1, though a critical bloodfest, raked in the money. Fright Night, more charming toward reviewers, did poorly. True Blood still draws in fans while 2007’s Moonlight barely scraped out a season. But the vampire genre hasn’t retreated back to the shadows. At least […]

Haute Highlights

Tim Burton at LACMA Nothing says Halloween like the dark psyche of Tim Burton. If you have yet to see his ongoing exhibition at LACMA, here’s your last chance — the show closes this Monday, serving as the perfect kicker for Halloween. The show provides an introspective look into Burton’s various roles, be them director […]

Burton presents new vision of old territory

For seasoned filmmaker Tim Burton, negotiating the fine line between his role as a sweetheart of Hot Topic patrons and a director exploring the boundaries of commercial viability is a full-time job. Alice in Wonderland’s wide release opening today marks the director’s most recent effort to darken the silver screen. In the film, Burton tells […]