Mistakes aside, USC is showing good signs

Saturday’s victory against the Colorado Buffaloes was a major one for the USC football team. It was neither pretty nor perfect, but the hard-fought win represented growth. Nothing symbolized this more than the aggressive play call on 3rd and 7 with 1:19 remaining in the game. Instead of running a conservative draw play or a […]

Football prevails over No. 21 Colorado

It was not the prettiest of wins, littered with turnovers and a blown second half lead, but USC escaped the scorching Saturday afternoon at the Coliseum with a 21-17 victory over No. 21 Colorado to improve to .500 on the season. Sophomore tight end Tyler Petite caught the eventual game-winning touchdown pass with eight minutes to […]

USC’s tough schedule is doing them no favors


Watching the football game from deep within the student section on Saturday, I was cautiously optimistic. There is no point in saying a trip to the Pac-12 Championship game is once again in reach, but at least USC has a chance to not be a losing team this year. When the beginning of the football […]