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Swiftness of Sarkisian hire unfair to Coach O

Monday was certainly a crazy day in Troy. It was a spectacle unlike any other as we witnessed the intersection of business and emotion. Throw in the volatile nature of social media, and this explosive concoction of variables proved to be great theater and fodder for lots of chatter. To fully understand the somewhat puzzling […]

USC was justified in storming the field

I thought I was going to be upset. When the clock hit triple zeros Saturday, and the student section emptied quicker than the 9-0 after undercover cops arrive, I have to admit I was a little surprised, and briefly a little miffed. “This is USC,” I thought. “USC doesn’t rush the field. USC should never […]

Stanford win erases pain of past defeats

As co-sports editor of the Daily Trojan, I generally find it quite easy to separate my duties as an unbiased reporter and fan loyalties as a USC student. I usually cover every home football game from the press box as an impartial observer, and don’t take too much pleasure in a Trojan win or experience […]

Kessler’s Christianity brings calming sense

For USC redshirt sophomore quarterback Cody Kessler, the bright lights of Saturday night begin with Sunday mornings. It’s because before football, before USC, Cody Kessler and his parents would go to church every week in Bakersfield, Calif. In the world of media, Christianity often only appears in extremes, usually “fundamentalists” who constitute the religious right […]