USC-OSU should be more of the same

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. USC opens up its season with a 50-point romp, beating up a lesser opponent before a supposed “game of the year” the following week against a highly ranked team. Ohio State stumbles before the “game of the year,” playing down to an inferior opponent and having to […]

Pryor is a real handful

The Buckeye quarterback will be USC’s main focus, but he’s not the only OSU player who will have an impact.

County Fair upholds tradition through food selection

Tucked in the far eastern reaches of Los Angeles County, behind a water reserve, golf course and park, lies an expansive parking lot. To park here you’ll have to shell out somewhere in between $10 and $25. Why? Because it’s the LA County Fair. A tradition that began in 1922, the LA County Fair boasts […]

Classes brought to you by budget crisis

A 21st century philosopher once mused: Fall is here, hear the yell/ back to school, ring the bell/ brand new shoes, walking blues/climb the fence, book and pens/ I can tell that we are gonna be friends. Yes, as another Labor Day has come and gone, it is once again time for most little Trojans-in-training […]