Trojans won’t be haunted by Ducks

Here’s a scary scenario for USC fans: It’s Halloween night and the USC football team is up in Eugene, Ore., trick-or-treating. But instead of terrorizing homeowners with intimidation and trepidation, the Trojans fall victim to the spell of the Ducks and leave empty-handed. This isn’t your far-fetched Halloween horror movie. This is real. USC arguably […]

Brit band parts on a solid note

In 2002, four North London blokes banded together to form The Rakes — a snappy, in-your-face rock band known for its politically conscious tunes and moody melodies. Spitting humor and lyric-heavy songs across two successful records, the band released its newest album Klang on Oct. 20. Over seven wild years, the young quartet made of […]

Von Trier’s arrogance pays off in Antichrist

As Saw VI festers in theaters, American horror and the torture-porn subgenre have become inextricably connected. And just about nobody sees this as a step in the right direction. The main flaw usually assigned to these particular horror films is the nihilistic quality of the violence. After all, without characters identifiable on a psychological level, […]