L.A. Coliseum has a history all its own

On a picturesque Memorial Day afternoon in Southern California, I ventured out into the streets of Los Angeles in search of the city’s most historic landmark. In a city often defined by glitz and glamour, I don’t think you could have blamed me for choosing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Santa Monica Pier or […]

Kart racing for modern- day gamers

With fully customizable characters, level designing, a variety of weapons and online matches that can accommodate up to 12 players, ModNation Racers takes the best elements of games like Little Big Planet and the Mario Kart series and improves upon them. Developed by United Front Games, this Playstation 3 title should feel similar to Little […]

Disney action-adventure flick falls short of precedent

From its aggressive advertising campaign to the conspicuous use of a colon in its title, it’s obvious that Disney hopes to create another Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster franchise like Pirates of the Caribbean with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The May 28 release combines flashy visual effects, chiseled muscles and vaguely Arabic imagery to […]

Letter to the editor

A constitutional policy Hilary Lazarus’ May 26 article titled “Arizona Law Borders on Ethnic Cleansing” was ignorant and irresponsible. Unfortunately, Lazarus continues to disseminate lies and stoke fear with respect to the Arizona law in particular and the issue of illegal immigration in general. Lazarus’ assertions are incorrect on two very fundamental levels. First, Lazarus […]