Pac-12 hires Steeg for title game A longtime NFL executive is bringing his pro talent to the collegiate level next year — specifically, the soon-to-be Pac-12 conference. Pac-12 officials announced today Jim Steeg, who has managed all special events for the NFL, including pro bowls and drafts, and is credited with turning the Super Bowl […]

Establishing a backup quarterback is crucial

Backup quarterbacks live by this mantra: It’s just a play away. Just as the vice president is a heartbeat away from the presidency, the No. 2 signal-callers are one snap away from going from relative obscurity to having all eyes looking at them. There are those who never get the chance, those that history relegates […]

Bridesmaids can help change female comedy

Tina Fey has taken over. With the release of her critically lauded memoir Bossypants, Fey has officially become the queen of comedy. Fey established herself as a comedic voice for women with her Saturday Night Live career beginning in 1997 and led to her being the show’s first female head writer. But it wasn’t until […]