For theater students, first week of classes signifies audition whirlwind

Though classes have barely, for theater students, much of the fall semester has already been decided. Beginning the second day of classes, the USC School of Theater commenced its week-long audition process, a period characterized by butterflies and broken hearts, tears shed and dreams come true for many of those auditioning. And in the last […]

FYF Fest upgrades production with Goldenvoice

Explosions in the Sky, The Dead Milkmen, Kid Dynamite … no, these are not darkly named war headlines. These are some of the most highly anticipated acts performing at the upcoming FYF Festival at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on September 3rd. The FYF Festival (or the F*** Yeah Festival, for scenesters) is in […]

Bands to watch at FYF Festival

The FYF Festival is September 3rd at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, and for those of you with tickets, here’s a quick look at the must-see acts of the day. First up is Explosions in the Sky. The name barely touches upon the greatness expected from the band at this year’s FYF Festival. Featuring […]

Board finds PG&E at fault for San Bruno explosion

Decades of mismanagement by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company led to the San Bruno pipeline explosion  — which killed eight people last September — the federal government said Tuesday. The National Transportation Safety Board reported PG&E failed to properly assess the risk and had installed a bad pipe in the Northern California city. The […]

Labor Day weekend event guide

For USC students, Labor Day weekend offers a welcome break to the busyness and early chaos that starts off each academic year. While attending or watching this Saturday’s opening USC football game against Minnesota is a no-brainer, there’s still ample time for other activities. In particular, the three-day weekend is a great opportunity to explore […]

Signing up

Undergraduate Student Government Director of Communications Sabina Suri tells students about the responsibilities of committee members and senators’ senior aides. USG gave potential applicants free ice cream as they handed out applications Tuesday.