City has a right to Occupy LA protest murals

The public tends to view graffiti negatively; it is often washed away almost as quickly as it appears. Graffiti, however, can take a wide variety of forms, from the most basic expressions of youthful rebellion to the enchanting works of artists like Banksy. When it is created in the context of an impactful movement, street […]

Recording sound has never been easier

Today I’m going to talk a bit about sound in film and video.  Recording sound for videos and films is now easier than it has been at any point in time—most cameras come with fairly decent built-in mics, and some great external mics are available for not that much money.  Also, other devices can be […]

Slideshow: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

This year, the nearby St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church parish celebrates its 125th anniversary. St. Vincent de Paul, located on Figueroa Street and Adams Boulevard, has played an active role in the USC Catholic community as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Photos by Woodrow Clark | Daily Trojan Read the story>>

The wild week in Bon Iver news

Last Tuesday, Bon Iver’s song “Holocene” was featured in a TV commercial for the upcoming Grammys. In the commercial, an idyllic snowy landscape turns into a flock of birds that then turns into a silhouette of B.I. frontman Justin Vernon, and then into the message, “WE ARE MUSIC,” and then into a message advertising the […]