College football playoff is imminent

Let’s get this out of the way: We’re going to see a playoff in college football. Not this year or even next year, granted. But at some point in the future — and it’s not all that far off — we’re going to see it. Since January, Bowl Championship Series leaders have been discussing the […]

Vintage store celebrates contemporary and retro fashion

Every time a girl realizes she must attend another outing, another date or anything in between, the search for the perfect outfit is on. And when it comes to dress hunting, the situation is even stickier. Oftentimes finding the perfect dress proves nearly impossible, but fashion figure Shareen Mitchell makes it easy. The vintage curator, […]

Letter to the editor

Racial profiling should be banned nationwide.  USC is located in the heart of Los Angeles, in a predominately black and Hispanic neighborhood. The Free Demographics Data of 2011 demonstrates  the dramatic differences between the inner-campus and off-campus communities. According to this data, the 90007 zip code, which immediately surrounds  USC’s campus, is 58.2 percent Hispanic, […]

Technology helps boost fitness, sexual health

Many health experts decry technology for encouraging a sedentary lifestyle. The phrase “couch potato” comes to mind. But when used properly, technology can help people stay on top of their health. Public health experts need to start using technology as a tool to help people be healthier, and people need to start using the resources […]