UPDATE: LAPD response angers students, raises questions

UPDATE: Photos from the scene, courtesy of USC student Christopher James. 











Multiple USC students were detained after approximately 70+ Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a noise complaint at a student party early Saturday morning on 23rd and Hoover streets, according to several student accounts.

At approximately 2 a.m., the LAPD officers arrived at the home of a graduating student after an LAPD officer sent out a distress call. The distress call was triggered because some students at the party began throwing objects at LAPD officers that came to the scene, according to Dept. of Public Safety Capt. David Carlisle.

This contradicts student reports that attendees were peaceful and cooperative, and it is still unclear exactly why such a large police force was called. Officers wore riot gear, including shields and masks, and were holding batons. Helicopters also flew around the area.

Updated on May 5th at 6:00 P.M.

Sgt. Sterling of the LAPD Southwest Division said at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday that USC students arrested at the event have been released from custody and charged.

 “To the best of my knowledge, they are no longer in custody.”

DPS was not involved in the response, according to Carlisle, but videos of the incident clearly show DPS officers at the scene. Chief John Thomas is currently working with LAPD to address the incident, Carlisle said. The Southwest Division of LAPD did not confirm details.

“We do not have a statement, but it is not unusual, on a weekend night in this area, for officers to be in riot gear,” said Watch Commander Sgt. Efrain Tigao.

The media relations office of the LAPD, meanwhile, said they had no record of the incident occurring. According to the office, they only have reports of “newsworthy” events.

The majority of party attendees were affiliated with the university. To enter the party, students were required to show their student I.D. to security guards outside of the house, according to several students.

Videos posted on YouTube and other social media sites show officers lined up across 23rd Street, blocking entry. Many students said that the police redirected their path back to campus and did not allow them to walk toward their cars.

Tyler Hicks, a junior majoring in international relation and minoring in fine arts who left the party before the officers arrived, said that the response by the LAPD was unwarranted.

“It was the first time that night we were told there was a problem,” Hicks said. “I know the university doesn’t want any more negative press, but there’s a line between regulating college events and handling what’s happening on campus.”

Some students who did not attend the party also responded to the night’s events. Emily Rosenfield, a freshman majoring in studio and jazz guitar who attended a party across the street, said the police’s reaction was not fitting.

“I definitely think it’s an overreaction,” Rosenfield said. “Instead of [the Department of Public Safety] shutting down the party, LAPD had to come. It’s just too excessive and it’s not something that has to be done.”

Students said that the most jarring part of the incident was the randomness of it.

“It could have been any of us,” Hicks said. “If I had been there still it could have easily been me calling my parents from jail.”

In response, students have planned a sit-in from 12 to 4 p.m. on Monday at Tommy Trojan. The LAPD and DPS are holding an open forum on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center Ballroom to discuss racial profiling.


Chelsea Stone contributed to this report.
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  1. total solar eclipse
    total solar eclipse says:

    Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the
    blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Tom F
    Tom F says:

    Wow. even as a 30 year resident and homeowner in No. University Park of Latin decent, I am amazed of how self deluded, those in the U.S.C. community are. Unfortunately, racism is alive and well! I see it every day, in the neighborhood, is so many ways. I speak to many young people that attend USC, and I’m always amazed on the little understanding they of world issues. It only shows how much work is still to be done on and off of campus. Yet USC’s administration turns a blind eye to the problems.

    The arrogance and self centered attitudes, on both side, never cease to amaze me. There are simply not enough events at USC to allow student (of other races and nationalities) to mingle and learn from each other. Study, Study, Study, Becoming the biggest generation of technocrats the world has ever seen!
    The racial tension just below the “pom and circumstance” is undeniable. The white elite USC doesn’t exist any more, thank goodness, but yet it’s legacy lives on. Regardless, of the facts of the Sunday morning event, the problems of feeling of fear and intimidation have surfaced. In some ways, it is beyond my comprehension how USC grads, in the 21st century, can feel like second class members of the Trojan family, and of the community as a whole. Minority students are not only part of the Trojan Family, they are the family. They should feel very proud of their accomplishments. However, respect for their follow man, seems not to be a course taught on campus except as lip service. I hope. as the governing majority, they wise enough to not repeat the racist mistakes of the past. It’s not a religious question, it a survival issue. If we don’t learn to work together, we will not survive. America is still the last best hope for mankind. Let’s make it work for everyone.

    In the immortal words of Rodney King ” Can we all just get along?”

  3. SC alumnus
    SC alumnus says:

    Okay, okay. Enough of the race-card and verbose discourse. Mods, please lock this forum. This is getting out of hand.

    • Hoover Neighbor
      Hoover Neighbor says:

      So when people disagree with your world view, its time to silence debate.

  4. Hoover Neighbor
    Hoover Neighbor says:

    Sorry, kids.

    LAPD is expected to protect you. That means you need to protect them, by not acting up.
    When ONE of you, at 2 AM, at a “college party”, throws a bottle at an officer, you’ve crossed the line.
    You can expect consequences.

    It isn’t impossible to have a house party, with lots of friends, some illicit alcohol, minors in attendance, too many cars, music that pushes the bounds of good taste, and even a little more disrespect for your neighbors – we’re extremely tolerant, and not only want you to enjoy yourselves, have a good time, we’ll look out for you and your guests.

    But at some point, (2 AM?), you have to realize that you can’t have everything go your way, and if confronted by authorities, you have to submit. You don’t have ANY right to have a party of this size or volume level at 2 AM, and the more you pretend so, the worse it will be for you.

    I hope the university uses this event as an opportunity to educate party-goers, parents, and consult with LAPD, so students and their associated groups get a better understanding of how to party within reasonable limits and not waste taxpayer resources, or threaten their status at the school.

    This event was not on-campus, nor was it on “the row”.

    • Nathan
      Nathan says:

      Wow, those are SC students? hmmmm, well, OK. I’m sure that’s accurate. I love the guy throwing a gang sign at the police. SC students? I guess society’s standards have dropped.

      • jc
        jc says:

        where do you see gang signs? please explain because i just re-watched the video and looked through the photos and have yet to find some

  5. John
    John says:

    Police do not arrest for nothing.

    There was obviously cause. Take responsibility Party Poopers.

  6. Daily Trojaner
    Daily Trojaner says:

    Cudos to the university for holding a town meeting to discuss this unfortunate incident. As if often the case the “truth” of what has transpired is somewhere in the middle and I commend those comments that call for a review of the facts before conclusions are drawn. What I find more disheartening however is the venom-infused comments that seem to want to use this incident to reinforce dearly held beliefs about how “those people” behave be they white, black, members of the row, students or neighbors. Such comments strongly suggest the concept of the “Trojan family” is greatly in need of reinforcement which will require more than merely donning USC gear.

  7. Miss Toya
    Miss Toya says:

    Is there any reason why blacks be actin a foo in public? sorry, but yalls in the ghetto and yalls got a ghetto mentality. props to the popo for shuttin yo ghetto ass party down.

  8. USC Alum
    USC Alum says:

    This occurrence breaks my heart. Not only am I horrified that this type of racial discrimination has gotten worse since I was at USC, but what really saddens me is the way so many people are oblivious to these type of occurrences.

    People of color have the right to live their life without being judged based upon some horrible act some other person of color has committed. White people seem to have the luxury of having other white people like Tim McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski and countless others commit horrific crimes and not have police increase presence in their neighborhoods or activities.

    A great article about this subject, written by a very intelligent Caucasian brother..


  9. CityEye
    CityEye says:

    It seems students today are growing up with a “victimization attitude.” Everything that happens to them is someone else’s fault. There have been a lot of criminal issues around and in USC and students have asked for more security. When LAPD responds to a call and after at the scene students begin to throw rocks and bottles at them they will put out a distress call. These students are pulling out the race card to get attention. More then 1/2 of LAPD are minority. These students behave badly then cry racial profiling but people are more intelligent. The area this party took place is frequented by gangs. It was other students who called the police and complained about these minority students having parties. I hope the students who are tired of the minority students causing problems in and around the campus show up to the forum tonight. Unfortunately, some students can’t exercise their 1st ammendment right because they are threatened.

  10. king
    king says:

    y only stop the black party and not the white party. threw sumthing at lapd hahaha lol they would of shoot u

  11. Respect for First Responders
    Respect for First Responders says:

    It is truly sad after the outpouring of support for our first responders in Boston our local hooligans, street thugs and few SC students feel they have some right to blast horrible music at 2am disturbing residents for blocks. When the police come to perform their duty, they are met with flying bottles and disrespect.

    I hope you and your friends who were arrested suffered a long night in jail after a complete a cavity search of your rectum.

    God Bless the LAPD!

    • neutral side
      neutral side says:

      interesting point but what would your response to the point that the party across the street was blasting the same “horrible” music but was allowed to continue?

  12. king
    king says:

    so all u white people are saying that lapd is not racist . tell dorner he would probaly laugh at u cops hate young black people criminals or not its an american thing beign that we x slaves and all

  13. LA local
    LA local says:

    >>>>I’m from LA and have been going to school in the downtown area for 6 years now. I highly doubt this was racial profiling. I have been to “black” parties before and there has been no more issues than usual, there was definitely a reason for this reaction. If there was any sort of “profiling” here it wasn’t based on race, it was SOCIO-ECONOMIC profiling. Like I said I have been to “black” parties where its 97% African-American and its the same as the “other” parties I go to (which are mixed race but probably more white), people drinking good music and the few people smoking weed. But then there are parties that let in people who don’t belong, the “locals” and the “hoods”. It doesn’t matter if its an all white or all black if there are “sketchy” people in sight and the party is loud you can expect a loud reaction from the police. The part where the line gets blurry on this whole situation is that nearly all “locals and hoods” in this area are Black or Mexican, and therefore its hard to weed them out when there’s a “black party” but when DPS or LAPD rolls up it gives the whole party a bad look. I’m not saying this is the situation cause I wasn’t there, but it usually is when people over-react and pull the race card. The real issue is people being OVERLY-SENSITIVE “WUSSIES” (had to censor it, but you know what I meant to say) and creating issues that hassle everyone. If you’re really concerned about being profiled then compose yourself with some dignity/class, and surround yourself with people that do the same.<<<<

  14. USC parent
    USC parent says:

    It seems ironic that all have so quickly forgotten a shooting on campus at a university administration sanctioned (poorly) party that got out of hand, USC has created a well-deserved, but increasingly self-defeating reputation for itself as a big time party school. Both administration and students seem to have lost perspective on acceptable behavior to the community beyond the USC campus and Row producing incident after well-published incident. After a time if you don’t self-police or the admin does not seek to maintain a more moderate standard for party excess, someone will do it for you, in this case LAPD. There are likely no victims here.

    • John Timms
      John Timms says:

      USC Parent, I find it cowardly that you would state your opinion while hiding behind a screen of anonymity. This is an important topic, and it deserves a discussion where the masks come off and people take personal responsibility for what they say.

      This was not a matter of safety, but rather one of blatant racism. An equally rowdy party was going on across the street and was allowed to continue. According to some witnesses, the predominantly white attendees of that party were told by police to “stay safe” inside. Then, after ending the party, the LAPD continued to herd the black students for about five blocks down the street in riot gear. Where was the need for that?

      Finally, the tragic shooting to which you are refering was at a party, but it occurred outside in the line, at an alcohol-free event, one which was heavily promoted by an outside agency to attract people from outside the USC community. It was a senseless act of violence, the shameful act of an indecent person, and not at all associated with “party excess”. Comparing the two events is like saying that LAPD should pat down every black person running down the sidewalk for exercise because there was a bomb at the Boston Marathon. The issue is not partying or immaturity, it is purely about the racism continuously demonstrated by the LAPD since March 3, 1991.

      • USC parent
        USC parent says:

        So John,

        What did those who sponsored the party do when it became “heavily promoted” by an outside agency inviting a downtown sketch atmosphere to the heart of the USC campus? From what I can tell, nothing.

        How was it the admin was completely clueless about the “heavily promoted” party to those outside USC. It seems there was permissive oversight and no communication about the heavy outside promotion from the students who organized the party.

        If you don’t take care of your business, people will step up and be responsible for you.

        DPS was on the scene at the party in question. Are you accusing them of racial profiling too? Those who are just graduating have been done a disservice by an overly permissive, ineffectual admin in relation to the USC party atmosphere creating an unrealistic sense of self-absorption and entitlement that you can do whatever, whenever and wherever you want–on and off campus.

        It seems USC is finally beginning to exert more leadership to create a constructive social norm in support of their lofty goal to be a top university and to enhance the social development of its students. It is about time, though it will invite all sorts of ploys (including the race card) in an attempt to resist USC leadership and return to a “Lord of the Flies” social atmosphere.

        • jane mccoy
          jane mccoy says:

          USC Parent – This comment was incredibly difficult to understand because your (weak) arguments are inconsistent and poorly worded. No wonder you are only a USC parent and not a USC student or alum.

      • MC
        MC says:

        Wow the students are being totally dishonest.. I’ve seen parties at this location before. Most of your parents would call the police too. Shame on you.


    This is actually the most important lesson minority students can possibly learn and it came at a perfect time for those about to “enter the real world”…

    To white people, you will always be a n****r or wet****. You are not wanted and are not welcomed. The forced integration we are experiencing is only building up the animosity between the races as the minorities continue to battle it out over the white man’s table scraps.

    It does not matter your education, who you are, or how you carry yourself. All those white people you went to school with and befriended only gave you a chance because you shared a label with them as USC students. However, please believe that they are envious and presumptuous of any “breaks” you were given, if any, to get into college in the first place and will assume that any of your accomplishments in the future came at their expense or as a result of further “breaks” due to your race. They do this, because to them, they cannot understand how else you (a dumb n****r or b****r) can get ahead in their world, unless by the graces of white pity.

    Despite the bull**** you were taught in Poli Sci classes, segregation is actually a normal thing. Ever wonder why Mexico is full of Mexicans, Africa is full of black Africans, China is full of Chinese, etc. Ever wonder why jails self segregate, neighborhoods self segregate, and even college campuses self segregate (i.e. White Fraternities vs Black Fraternities vs Latino Fraternities; all claim to be multicultural but just looking at their roster will give away how the fraternity really represents itself). Segregating will become part of your life sooner than you think. You will notice that all your white friends seem to work at certain places and live in certain neighborhoods. All of your black friends will hang out together, work in certain industries, and go to certain bars. All of your Asian friends will almost exclusively hang out with other Asians, eat at certain restaurants, work in certain fields, etc.

    Integrating at a college campus always leaves minorities with hurt feelings. Many students really come to believe that they have proven themselves enough to be accepted. However, they are wrong and should be ashamed of themselves for even trying.

    In reality, integration on college campuses has been done simply to pacify the masses and to feign progress. However, being forced to coexist with people of all races and backgrounds does not matter when the rest of America is run by whites and for the purpose of the white race. The entire college experience for minorities is made to groom them for acceptance and servitude in the white system. You will never be truly accepted by white people. Even White People who swear to not be racist will have to agree, White people will always think themselves superior or see a white life as more valuable than any other life. If you do not accept or believe this, you will be learning it soon.

    In regards to the police; the police operates based on paradigms which are decided by “white management”. Will you ever see a response like this at Pepperdine? Black and Latino cops cannot be counted on for mercy either as they are simply “order followers” (Google Search “Police IQ Limit”); do not expect help from them. They will be the first to throw you to the ground and cuff you. They do it for the paycheck and get off on the superiority they feel, especially when they are cuffing people they know are smarter than them of their own race.

    In short, Police are not your friend if you are black or Latino. White people are not your friend if you are black or Latino. Do yourself a favor and work on bettering your own community, rather than gaining acceptance into theirs. Desegregation weakened every other community as their was no longer “a need” for black or Latino empowerment once the walls came down. Learn from Asians who have built thriving communities within a society which has hated, used, and continues to distrust them. What is the point of joining the white community anyway? They really are a bland and boring bunch. Let them have their wine, fertility treatments, Hockey, and Taylor Swift. Why were these black students having their own party? Because they wanted to dance and enjoy themselves in a way that standing outside of a house on the row drinking bud light could not satisfy. Anyone who has been black or brown at USC knows what I am talking about.

    • AnonAsianAlum
      AnonAsianAlum says:

      Very accurate and well thought out. I concur with you. My advice is to focus on entrepreneurship and not on being accepted for some token or support role. Its a lot easier to thrive and excel when you set your own destiny rather than trying to work in whitey’s system. In fact, f whitey.

    • USC parent
      USC parent says:

      USC Latino Alumni,

      I regret you have such a negative perception as an absolute. You are entirely correct that racism still exists for some, as does ageism, separation due to income, lifestyle, political affiliation, religion and on and on. But this is not true for everyone.

      Your characterization… ” white community anyway? They really are a bland and boring bunch. Let them have their wine, fertility treatments, Hockey, and Taylor Swift. Why were these black students having their own party? Because they wanted to dance and enjoy themselves in a way that standing outside of a house on the row drinking bud light could not satisfy”…is quite apt.

      The Row description of white fraternity students at USC is but a small percentage of all USC white males who join fraternities and even smaller as you describe, though this relic to the past does still exist.. You might be surprised the majority prefer not to enjoy themselves this way, including white students and those of color.

    • John D
      John D says:

      You should have quit while you where ahead buddy. But your last few statements showed your true colors. I won’t deny racism exist. But your prejudice has turned to scorn; and your just as much a racist as those you claim who rule the world.

      Adversity appears to all people. But true cowardice is blaming your shortcomings on things you can’t change about yourself. “I won’t ever be accepted because…” I’m a gay, black, Jewish, Oaxacan, Canadian, or blah blah blah. Did it ever occur to you, you may just be unpleasant.

      Your insecure, there’s no doubt about that. I can’t fathom that you think ever white person resents you getting into USC based on quotas. If you really let that linger in your mind every time you meet a fellow student of a different color, then you failed. No wonder they dismiss you; you dismissed yourself already. It’s easy to think anytime you didn’t get a job or a girl to like you, it must always be race. Cause if it’s race, then it’s something you don’t have to work at; or accept your doing something wrong.

      You should be arrogant about the quota system. It’s proof that they “the white man” need you more than you need them. That they have to appease various communities, ergo your not powerless.

      Face it, your true pulpit is hate speech. Made to read: there is no way of changing, or coexisting with others; because they hate us. Are bias is only a reaction to their relentless and omnipotent evil, and we need nothing to do with them.

      You and Hitler have a lot in common in persuasion. Like Hitler, although you speak like a leader, you are not one. Leaders treat adversity as an obstacle, not a limitation.

      I realize that it’s best just to ignore your anger, that you’ll berate me with everything you got. Blame my perceptions on always having a roof over my head in a quite part of town. That my optimistic views come from having plenty of after school classes that taught me “I could do anything”. That I never had to get a job to eat, only to look good on a college app.

      But maybe I’m a white boy who grew up in Hollywood apartments his whole life. A white boy who grew up with Salvadorians in public school. Having no qualms about each other, but slowly drifted apart. I won’t deny that racism, economic issues, factor in it. But from which side? My perception was that I wasn’t “hood” enough to hang out, and they had a harder time buying weed with me around; people would think I’m a narc. Probably thought if we got arrested, white boy will squeal to the cops.

      I could also just be a cop, undermining you. Wouldn’t you be happy if that was true.

      I won’t deny the truths of the world. I will deny your defeatist babel. But go ahead swing away at me, lets see what you got to say in public.

      No soy Fresa

    • BorderGall
      BorderGall says:

      I can’t believe this comment came from someone who calls themselves a USC Latino Alumni..the U.S is a place with such diverse groups of people, we will eventually have to work together, whether you want to or not. And didn’t you ever consider using your USC experience as a way to empower other people of color, other kids like you? Because I am here to open doors..to change the way some whites see me, because no not ALL whites are they way you describe them…

  16. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    After reading through a lot of the comments, it doesn’t seem like there is much productive discussion substantiated by facts going on. I’m going to hypothesize that very few of us actually know what actually happened that night, so it shouldn’t really be our purview to pass judgment on what occurred or the individuals involved on both sides.

    While a rigorous discussion and intelligent conversation are always to the public benefit, I don’t know how much of that is actually making it through the assumptions and unnecessary personal attacks that are going on here.

    Perhaps the best thing would be for the Daily Trojan to close this discussion until more concrete details have surfaced and can be published herein. I have a feeling both the LAPD/DPS and students who were there will be on hand at Tuesday’s forum, and we can hear both sides of the story there.

    I would definitely encourage everyone to come out to the event. Hopefully there can be a constructive conversation about how USC students, the surrounding community, and DPS/LAPD interact, and what changes, if any, could/should be made going forward in both student conduct and official/enforcement response.

    • Bruce
      Bruce says:

      I like how you “hypothesize” that we shouldn’t pass judgement because somehow there were only a few people actually there, because of course the police brings out close to 80 cops anytime 2 or 3 people look “suspicious.”

      Obviously the LAPD has tons of problems, most of which most people don’t know about. Like what we’ve heard of blatant racism in the Dorner case, or rape (forcefully soliciting sex from women in police cars) in an LA Times article recently, and a lot more you haven’t cared to learn about.

      I don’t know where you get the idea that they aren’t as suspect as they appear. Sometimes it’s as obvious as that, and saying this only makes it look like you’re not engaging in the intelligent conversation you say you value. Hope to see you at the forum.

  17. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Funny how the same people who vilify this police response as a product of racist stereotyping are so quick to generalize about the Greek Row…

    Also, 23/Hoover is over 1.5 miles away from the USC campus. If an officer did put in a distress call (re. people throwing objects at him/her) at that house address, it really isn’t surprising that a hoard of officers would arrive in riot gear.

    USC students would do well to remember that we share this community with others… especially true as we inch further and further from the campus boundary. DPS isn’t a substitute for the LAPD, so it’s silly that students think that they should have been the sole responders.

    • Bruce
      Bruce says:

      Have you been to the Row, buddy? Yes, there are plenty of illegal drugs, plus abuse of prescribed ones. It’s not that they’re “reverse-inverted-racists,” it’s just that it seems you haven’t been to a party there. Police themselves barged into the house at the front and said racist comments about the party. Look at the “sit-in” facebook page of those (and all white) students who had cops let themselves in their house at 4am. But also read the other comments.

      Search this on facebook: “SIT IN” at Tommy Trojan on Monday 5/6/13

      Why keep denying racism, it doesn’t make sense. Do we really have anything lose? It’s people just like you and I.

  18. Mario
    Mario says:

    So you’re upset because of the way that the LAPD responded in force? Ever heard of “cause and effect”? Maybe they didn’t teach that to you and your parents never taught you what it is. Well, here’s an example for the simple-minded few: have a loud party, cops get called and ask that the noise level be reduced. Then the cops get called back because these partiers just couldn’t keep it down, basically failed to comply. Finally, as the first officers arrive back again and try to do their job, people start throwing things at them. Really?? Let’s see now, how might the cops react to this stupid tactic? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the answer and it certainly shouldn’t take an average USC student either, unless it’s one with a chip on their should the size of a zip code. Antagonize the police by throwing stuff at them will only result in a massive response, people getting hurt and people going to jail. Predictable outcome. I enjoy a good party every now and then but I don’t need to be a jerk to have a good time. How come you didn’t shoot any video of partiers throwing things at the cops? If YOU called the cops because YOU needed help, you’d expect them to be at your service in a second, right? Why don’t you act like an adult instead of a spoiled brat??

    • Collin
      Collin says:

      If you knew “cause and effect” you’d know how to read. This was the first response by police and you don’t even know if someone was actually throwing anything or not. They lie all the time. It was a USC grads party, I’m sure they can figure this out. Because, well you know, they know how to read.

      And who is the all caps “you” in your comments? The editor? The police chief? A student? Chill out.

  19. USC Student
    USC Student says:

    In reference to USC Mom with the “greek son” Ignorance is bliss. That is all.

  20. Neuroscience Senior
    Neuroscience Senior says:

    Dear USC Mom w/Greek Son,

    I respect your opinion that SC students should show more school spirit–that is one big pillar of our great university. However, like me, you are at least 1 or 2 degrees of separation removed away from the party in question and the people involved and thus, I think it’s highly inappropriate to make any sort of judgment or conclusion until the entire story is laid out on Tuesday’s LAPD/DPS/student discussion forum hopefully.

    For me personally, I am reserving judgment of the LAPD and DPS until after the campus discussion on Tuesday.

    Next, I’d like to discuss your comments on this article, some of which I find….judgmental.

    Your comments about your “son and his close friends who are members of the top fraternity on the row don’t drink or do drugs.” and “Only bad things happen north of Adams. Looking at the photos above, these don’t look like USC students. No one in these photos is showing any SC school spirit. Not even a SC baseball cap!” seem to imply that you think that the students arrested, who happen to be Black, not wearing any USC gear, and live “north of Adams”, do drugs and drink while your son and his frat brothers are perfect angels who never do that stuff.

    I really hate to break it to you, but on the Row they do almost everything imaginable, unless you are talking only about AGO. I am NOT insulting/making sweeping judgments about the Row (or your son b/c I don’t know him), because I know of many fine young men and women who know their boundaries and don’t do drugs or drink excessively and are great people across many frats & sororities. However, there is a wide spectrum of people on the Row and at USC and it’s never clear cut what type of people they are just based on where they live around USC.

    Like another commenter said….why don’t you pay your son a “Surprise visit” on a thursday night. Best to do it within the first 3-4 weeks of school, fall semester. And to rule out any “flukes” you should get a significant sample size to minimize any biasedness….so you should repeat that experiment a few more times.

    The second thing is that I personally know Nate Howard, a USC student who was arrested, since first week of orientation. He is a fine young man and radiates his leadership and persona in inspiring ways. I think to judge him (or anyone) otherwise without even knowing him, let alone knowing what he did/didn’t do that night, would be a lapse in one’s momentary moral behavior.

    The final thing I have to reply, is that I find it very troubling that you would say “those students don’t look like USC students” just because they’re “not showing any school spirit” (I am assuming USC clothes/gear). I do not wear USC gear all the time when I go out and party (if ever). But what if it was ME in those pictures? I almost went to that party you know…except I decided I was too tired from pulling an all-nighter the previous night to write 2 papers. I bet you would still make that judgment, calling ME someone who “did not look like a USC student”, knowing not a single thing about me. I find that your sweeping judgment suggests a polarized attitude in regards to the students who attend USC. If not a bit condescending.

    I do think the LAPD response seemed excessive, if not very inappropriate for a typical college party, but I want to hear from their mouths, WHY they mandated such a decision that night and WHAT are the agreed facts of the situation. I really respect the police and emergency services (firefighters/EMS/police) because they risk their lives to protect us & the rest of society and we sometimes take it for granted. It’s a stressful job I understand but that doesn’t exempt them from any mistakes that could have been made. They, too, are human.

    And ma’am, I do not wish “God Bless you” because I am not religious. Instead, I do wish you a have a good day and I do ask that you keep what we, the students, have said in your thoughts and think about it more, instead of just reacting and judging.

    -graduating USC Senior.

    • USC Mom w/ Greek Son
      USC Mom w/ Greek Son says:

      Mr. Senior,

      Let me first say that my comments were not meant to offend anyone. However, my comments are based on my personal knowledge of the USC area having visited many times over the last few years. Two nice young Asian students were murdered north of Adams just last year. I am truly surprised to learn that SC students are still willing to live north of Adams when there are many lovely new apartment buildings on along Figueroa much closer to campus. The building at the east end of the row (27th Street Building?) has a wonderful fitness center and swimming pool among other amenities.

      My son is not in a christian fraternity but a true social fraternity and it is considered by most to be top fraternity at SC. He and his close friends in the fraternity do not drink, do drugs or mingle with licentious women. I’m not blind to the misbehavior and depravity that grips much of the row. It saddens me that so many young people have turned against God and live such empty lives.

      You may partake in drugs and the excessive consumption of alcohol but my son and his close friends do not. My son has chosen another path in life and he intends to spend his future bringing others into the light of the Lord. Currently he ministers to members of his fraternity in weekly Bible study meetings. I have personally attended these meetings at the Chapter house and those in attendance are truly the future leaders of this nation.

      I have looked closely at the video and pictures provided in this article. Those being arrested in the photos do not appear to be SC students to me. My sources at the highest level of the USC administration confirmed this earlier today. I’m sure if any real students and not bottle throwing street hooligans were arrested, we would have already know there names. Certainly USC would know as DPS and very close relationship with the LAPD.

      I’m sorry you are ashamed to show any sign of school spirit. I have always thought that is what sets SC apart from the other schools. On football game days it is so nice to see all the team spirit on display. From hats, shirts, buttons and all the other SC bling available it is a pity you can’t stand to be seen wearing it on a Friday night.

      Nevertheless, my son and I will pray for you.

      God Bless!

      • Neuroscience Senior
        Neuroscience Senior says:

        Dear USC Mom w/a Greek Son,

        Thanks for your blessings, although I do not think it was necessary. I do understand that although you may not intentionally mean to offend anyone, judgmental or not, the language comes through unintentionally.

        I will start with point one: I don’t live north of Adams but my sister did 5 years ago and so do several of my friends. The reason? The rent around USC is expensive and not everyone can afford the nice apartments on W 27th (did you see the rent at that place??? Crazy.). Especially people who come from less SES backgrounds than you or I.

        Next, I’d like to say that people who engage in such vices, Greek or not, is not a reflection of his or her belief in God (whichever God you may believe in). You may not agree with me on this, but I know that the degree one’s devout faith is in “God” does not correlate with whether he or she leads a so-called “empty” life or not. I know because I have friends from very many religious backgrounds and atheist friends. Mind you, the most moral people I know are not all (or even majority) extremely religious/devout. We can have a debate on morality and faith but it would only dilute the issues in contention.

        In other words, whether a student believes in God or not does not reflect his or her character. I will say that’s pretty insulting but I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to write a sweeping judgment on all students based on his/her religious beliefs, I hope.

        The third point, I will only say that an open dialogue such as Tuesday is necessary. And that’s weird you do not know of a student because I know of one (whom I named earlier) and that has been supported by numerous eyewitnesses. Who will you believe in? The administrators or control the release of “information” from their comfortable desks or the students and officers who were actually there? I am not saying that USC is lying but with every structured bureaucratic institution, there also comes some degree of transparency, or lack of in most cases.

        Additionally, I am wondering how you can say that a person in those pictures do or do not look like a USC student? I mean, like ok take your average African American Trojan student and dress him or her in party clothes and well….they don’t really look too different than anyone in those pictures.

        The final point is from me personally; I do not know what kind of person you are but you seem to be a decent normal lady who raised a fine young man as a son. Yet, I am not sure where you got that I was ashamed of wearing my USC clothes? It’s not that “I can’t stand wearing it on a Friday night” but rather that I do not have a nice USC shirt for every day of the week and that I have other clothes I like too. Additionally, that is one assumption too far I believe because I am VERY VERY proud of USC. I come from a generation of Trojans; my father is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at USC and my mother, sister and several cousins earned either a BA/BS/DDS/MD/MBA/MS from this very fine institution.

        I wear my USC pride not on the physical clothes/objects I buy at the overpriced student store but on my heart and spirit when I tell people I attend USC. I do not say with a meek voice but with a strong invigorating tone that I will earn a degree in Neuroscience from USC.

        I do not need you pity nor do I need your prayers (for what I am not sure), but I appreciate it.

        -graduating USC Senior

      • USC Alum
        USC Alum says:

        Mrs. Mom, I think you need a severe reality check. I’m doing my best to restrain myself from peppering this comment with heated language — but I must admit, in all honestly, you are extremely ignorant and (whether or not you believe this to be true) bigoted. Perhaps you should rethink making statements about certain areas near campus when you have little to no knowledge of experience of the neighborhoods you’re lambasting in your comments.

        I earned my BFA from USC in 2010 and will graduate next week with my MA. For my final two years at USC, I lived north of Adams with no problems. In fact, during my senior year, I lived on Hoover and 22nd, not too far from where this incident occurred. My closest friends lived in the house behind me on 23rd just next door to the Arco gas station. I am female, and I had both male and female friends live in this area without any major problems. (I think one friend had a laptop stolen, that’s it.)

        We lived in that area because we wanted to. Not all students desire a sterile, manufactured living environment like the apartments you described — and not all USC students want to shut themselves off from the local community. The University Park neighborhood is filled with amazing, beautiful Craftsman homes. Many student prefer living in these historic homes because they provide a “homier,” more independent living situation than massive apartment complexes, which often feel like an extension of dorm living.

        I am glad your family comes from a place of economic privilege where you can afford to pay for your son to live in the ridiculously expensive apartments near campus. Unfortunately, a large portion of USC students cannot afford $3000/month for an apartment, even with a shared room. Living north of Adams allowed me to live in a large home for a price my parents were able to afford. (And before you stick a race label on me, I come from a white middle-class family from the Bay Area.) Housing costs near campus are over-inflated compared to standard rents in Los Angeles. Many students cannot even afford to live north of Adams and East of Vermont like I did (the so-called “good” part of University Park) — which is why many students must live west of Vermont (which is known for higher crime levels.) For the record, the Chinese students killed lived West of Vermont, not north of campus where this part took place.

        Finally, in regards to the fact that the students pictures do not “look like USC students” — I don’t think you’ve spent much time at USC. Such a statement is offensive to the diversity of this amazing school and is racist to boot. Perhaps your friend needs to expand his social circle outside “good white Christian boys in the Jesus frat” — you might be shocked to discover there are load of minorities at USC.

        An Alum (who you’d probably think doesn’t look like a USC student because I’m half Cuban)

        • USC Mom w/ Greek Son
          USC Mom w/ Greek Son says:

          Dear Alum,

          Let me again say I meant no offense to anyone especially those of limited financial means. Our family has always been about generously giving back to the community that which the Lord has given us. We support several charities yearly who support troubled youth in America and internationally. I personally donate my time to work at battered women’s shelter in southern Orange County. My son spends much of his summers in Nicaragua working at an orphanage near Managua. There the children live on the outskirts of a massive trash dump and live by scavenging other people’s trash for food and things they can sell. We are so blessed here in America!

          We all make choices in life. You chose to live north of Adams in an area that many people believe is unsafe because you wanted to save a few dollars. My son and his friends chose to live where they feel safer. By the way, my son does not live in the 27th street building. We considered renting him a suite last year and he decided to live in the fraternity instead.

          So when I see photographs of our first responders having to don riot gear to quell an angry mob at 3am in your “homie” neighborhood I have to wonder about your choices.

          I wish you the best and my son and I will pray for your continued safety.

          God Bless!

          • USC MSW Student
            USC MSW Student says:

            To the “USC Mom” who keeps responding,

            You are an unbelievably pretentious, self-involved, and ignorant person. I know you’re replying to this thread because you feel somewhat important, and that (maybe) you have something to offer this discussion, but you aren’t and you don’t. Continuing to engage in discussions like these, with students, who are actually affected by the things that happen around USC is like being that kid that graduated from a high school two years ago but still goes to the dances.You’re in no position to pass judgement on other students just because your son goes to USC, and by your measure, he is the standard for all USC students. That just goes to show how little you know about how diversity within a academic environment works.

            And madam, no one cares about what you do to give back to the community or how your son donates his time. Personally, I’ve lived in Africa, worked in Cambodia, and I donate to three different charities a year, but that doesn’t define who I am as an individual or who I am as a student. Those things don’t have anything to do with my academic prowess or my scholarly merit. So, again, I remind you to remember what the main point of all this is: USC students are the ones dealing with this issue. Not parents, not spouses, no one other than the USC student, and perhaps the USC faculty. Yes, you’re a mother. Okay. We get that. And you’re concerned about the welfare of your amazing-walk-on-water-living-in-a-frat-house-Jesus-loving son. That’s great. So talk to him about it, ask him questions, talk about your concerns with him, and keep yourself off sites like this one.

            Another thing, I don’t wear my USC gear all the time. In fact, sometimes I wear my husband’s US Army sweatshirt instead of my USC gear. I am SUCH a horrible student. I show absolutely NO school spirit whatsoever. I don’t DESERVE to be considered a student since I REFUSE to show my school spirit all the time. Lord, forgive me, for I have not shown my daily school spirit. I have sinned, and tarnished this woman’s silver-lined stereotype of what a student should look like, by wearing my husband’s Army sweatshirt. How many Hail Mary’s should I say?

            Furthermore, if your son is in the “top fraternity” at USC, I can guarantee you that he parties, drinks alcohol, talks to “licentious” women, and probably gets blow jobs. If he’s telling you otherwise, then he’s lying to you and you’re ignorant enough to believe it. Enjoy finding out the hard way when you stop by The Row late on Thursday night and you see your son canoodling with the local “licentious woman”… Afterwards, you should probably arrange a marriage for him to a nice Christian woman who also blindly believes everything everyone tells her. Then he can lie to her too! From one woman to another, I know you’re smarter than you’re letting on. You can’t live so far away from planet Earth to actually believe that your son isn’t fooling around with some sort of dangerous activity. Come on, reality check.

            Lastly, using the words “homie neighborhood” when describing the USC area just proves your ignorance. I invite you to venture into deep East LA and then use those same words with the actual “homies”. Have you ever seen Boyz N The Hood? You should probably rent it, watch it, and then learn your damn lesson. Those neighborhoods have more class as “homie neighborhoods” than you as a person could ever hope to have as the “privileged mommy of a USC student”. I’d rather hang out with the “homies” than someone like you, any day of the week.

            Also, where’d you get this thought that without our blatant school spirit we’d be just another “junior college”? (Even though junior colleges are 2 year schools, and USC is a 4 year/graduate school.) Again, I don’t understand your logic. Somehow you find yourself entitled to make these outrageous comments, yet you obviously know nothing about attending a school the size of USC.

            God, I feel bad for your son. He must be so embarrassed by you.


            A terrible, bad, no-good USC student who doesn’t always wear her USC spirit apparel

            PS: What college did you go to? Because it sounds like it wasn’t USC.

          • USC Mom w/ Greek Son
            USC Mom w/ Greek Son says:

            Dear Mr. or Ms. MSW,

            Attacking my son and me does nothing to further your point. It truly saddens me that you apparently don’t have a close relationship with your parents. Your upbringing has obviously brought much bitterness into your young life which you used to attack my family for our faith, generosity and school spirit.

            Yes, our family is truly blessed financially and we feel it’s important to give back as much as possible to those less fortunate. We are not embarrassed for the good things we do on behalf of our community. Further, we are not embarrassed to show our love for USC on a daily basis. Little things like SC buttons and license plates frames are the among the ways we show our support daily.

            I’m not sure if you are a man or a women. You mention a “Army Husband” and I have read elsewhere on the internet that is code for a same-sex relationship (not a true marriage) among certain groups. So you know, we have donated generously to the pediatric AIDS charity of southern Orange County and I don’t fault your lifestyle choice if you are gay.

            You may live a life of sin and perversion but my son and I do not. I hope someday you find the Lord and accept him into your life. He will forgive your sinfulness and depravity.

            I’m going to pray for you tonight and yes you are forgiven!

            God bless you and your partner!

          • USC Alum
            USC Alum says:

            “You mention a “Army Husband” and I have read elsewhere on the internet that is code for a same-sex relationship (not a true marriage) among certain groups. ”

            Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves the Daily Trojan’s greatest comment troll ever. Nothing to see here, move along and let the bigot be a bigot in her sad, sterile little world.

          • USC Mom w/ Greek Son
            USC Mom w/ Greek Son says:

            Sir or Madam,

            I truly don’t understand what you are saying about my comments. A small bit of research on your part will prove my point if that’s what you are troubled by. I’m not the one that comes up with or regularly uses these strange terms for gay relationships.

            If I’m guilt of anything, it’s doing lots of reading on the internet and of course my Bible.

            God Bless!

  21. Disappointed Trojan
    Disappointed Trojan says:

    Allow me to further point out that one again, blatant lies are being created by the officers involved with this case. If USC Mom w/ Greek son is telling the truth, she and the officer(s) that misinformed her will very soon be forced to recognize the UTTER falsity in the claim that none of the students arrested were USC students. I can personally name 6 USC students who were arrested, the majority of whom are quite prominent members of the USC community (let alone the USC black community). A number of them were held well into the afternoon the next day. So once again, the authorities here are proving their word is not credible…and in the face of clear evidence to the contrary.

    Everything will come to light, but just know USC Mom that what you’ve been told is simply untrue. And easily proven to be so.

    • USC Alum
      USC Alum says:

      USC Mom just doesn’t want to admit that her son has to share a classroom with students of color who can’t afford to live in the 27th St Apartments.

  22. Jenna C
    Jenna C says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these comments were written in the 60s. Before some of you make ignorant comments about what kind of party merits 70+ LAPD officers and full riot gear, it would behoove you to learn the facts. Not only were all attendees USC STUDENTS, but the distress call made by the LAPD was unwarranted (otherwise they’d probably have more to say than “We do not have a statement, but it is not unusual, on a weekend night in this area, for officers to be in riot gear.”)

    Rather than spend our precious city resources trying to shut down college parties where students are celebrating the end the year, the 70+ LAPD officers could have been out solving REAL crime.

    Also, to USC Mom w/ Greek Son: If you think this party is bad, you can’t even imagine what kind of stuff is going on on the Greek Row. And I can assure you, no one— not even your son — is wearing a baseball cap.

    • USC Mom w/ Greek Son
      USC Mom w/ Greek Son says:

      Ms. C.,

      My son and his close friends who are members of the top fraternity on the row don’t drink or do drugs. They love SC and have no problem showing their support for SC.

      God Bless!

      • Abiola Oseni
        Abiola Oseni says:

        Unless he is in a Christian Frat, then your son and his fellow frat brothers is definitely drinking and are not telling you.

        And God Bless You too

      • Jenna C
        Jenna C says:

        USC Mom w/ Greek Son,

        Regardless of what your son does or does not do, I can tell you there is rampant alcohol and drug consumption on The Row.

        Do I think the LAPD should send a fleet of officers to the Row to stop this? No. They’re college students and, quite honestly, there are better ways to utilize our tax dollars than by trying to stop college students from partying. Regardless, the LAPD has no business interrupting a party with a fleet of officers in riot gear. These are students and this is not an appropriate way for a party needs to be dealt with.

        We all love this university and it is for that sole reason that we are particularly critical of it. We want USC and the city of Los Angeles to be better than this.

      • aware bruin
        aware bruin says:

        You are sadly mistaken. The chance that him and his friends don’t do drugs at all in a top fraternity house is nearly 0%. The chance that they don’t drink…that’s not even worth getting into. Negative percentage! Your son drinks, probably smokes some pot, wouldn’t be surprised if him and his buddies were into more than just that.

      • Brandon
        Brandon says:

        I really doubt that is true. Not totally ruling it out, but if he is really a member of “The top fraternity on the row” perhaps you should pay him a surprise visit on Thursday night and see what he and his friends are up to.

      • Trojan Student
        Trojan Student says:

        USC Mom w/ Greek Son,

        1. WHY would this article be written by USC students for the USC Daily Trojan if it weren’t USC students being arrested?

        2. You keep saying your son is in a “Top Social Fraternity” on the Row. Apparently you’re trying to distance your son from his Trojan Family?

        3. Does your son wear his SC gear every day? Because I don’t know anyone who does. But maybe your son is special.

        4. Obviously, in order to get into USC, your son depended on his father’s intelligence genes, and not yours.

      • USC Alum
        USC Alum says:

        1. If he’s in the Christian frat, I hate to break it to you — they were not, nor will they ever be, the “top frat on the Row.” That’s a cute thing to tell yourself, though!

        2. My college boyfriend at USC was in a frat, and I was a regular presence at the house — so I like to think I at least know some things about USC’s Greek life. Alcohol is present, and is a huge part of initiation rituals. Drinking occurs on the regular. Drug use is rampant, and the drugs of choice vary from house to house. Them’s the breaks.

        3. You can love USC without wearing USC gear all the time.

  23. Disappointed Trojan
    Disappointed Trojan says:

    What upsets me is the choice many of the above commenters are making to accept the claims of things being thrown at the officers–despite multiple student accounts to the contrary–when the officer making the claim already discredited himself by claiming that DPS was uninvolved with the incident….despite clear video and photo evidence to the contrary.
    You are believing whatever feeds the opinions you already have, instead of using a critical mind to stop and consider clear evidence. As a student who was at the party, I can attest to the fact that there were no objects thrown. Absolutely none. And while a handful of students can be fairly accused of talking back to officers in riot gear during their forceful attempts to clear what was originally a peaceful scene, the blatant creation of falsehoods is simply unacceptable.

  24. USC Mom w/ Greek Son
    USC Mom w/ Greek Son says:

    Clearly this happen fairly north of campus in what my son and his friends refer to as no-man’s land. Only bad things happen north of Adams. Looking at the photos above, these don’t look like USC students. No one in these photos is showing any SC school spirit. Not even a SC baseball cap!

    God Bless!

    • Alum
      Alum says:

      Ma’am. NO ONE at USC attends a party in full USC gear, barely even a cap. ALL of the attendees were students and the party was registered with the university. Therefore, ALL STUDENTS at the party had to show University IDs to even enter. Wow, I can’t believe that you would support unnecessary force, and misuse of tax payer dollars simply because of the way people look. You ought to be a shame of yourself.

      • USC Mom w/ Greek Son
        USC Mom w/ Greek Son says:

        Mr. Alum,

        No shame here.

        I would hope all SC students show more school spirit. Even a small button on the shirt would further the cause of spirit. Without school spirit, SC would be another nameless junior college.

        So you know, I spoke with representatives of the USC administration in the last 30 minutes. None of those arrested after the party was shut down where SC students. In fact, they weren’t enrolled anywhere according to what LAPD informed USC. One man had an open warrant for a parole violation and was found with narcotics. So anyone who is stating this was an exclusive USC student party is simply not telling the truth.

        After what happen in October, I would think you people would have more sense about having a guest list limited to only SC students. Letting convicted felons into your house for an alcohol and drug fueled party is not a good idea.

        It’s “Fight-On”, not Fight the Police!

        God Bless!

        • Christina Nour
          Christina Nour says:

          I’m sorry that you were so misinformed by LAPD and USC, but USC students definitely were arrested! Nate Howard was for sure, and he is an SC senior. Maybe LAPD isn’t telling the whole truth.
          As for the rest of your comment, the part where you talk about the appearance of the people at this party and how they are “without school spirit,” as well as the part where you reference the Halloween shooter (who was not a USC student) are too ridiculous to even deserve a response.
          God Bless!

        • Alex J
          Alex J says:

          USC Mom w/ Greek Son

          This nonsense about “school spirit,” and how none of those kids in the pictures you saw could have been USC students because they weren’t wearing BASEBALL CAPS with USC written on them is unbelievably irrelevant to the situation. Frankly, it’s offensive that you’re trying to turn a dire situation like this into a petition for more school spirit to enhance the reputation of the school. This is a sad, shameful rationale for your belief that none of these people attended USC.

    • USC 1980s Alum
      USC 1980s Alum says:

      I lived north of Adams for a good many years in the 80’s and 90’s with minimal problems. Some of us want to live within the community and are not afraid to venture into what you consider “No-mans land.” it is extremely naive to think that students are living there to save a few bucks since for many, THAT is what they can AFFORD. They don’t have the option to pay the rent that your priveleged son has the means to do. And yes, he is obviously very priveleged. Finally, as a parent to two college graduates both going to grad school, I can assure you that your son “parties.” You sound pretty naive and gullible enough to believe your son about whatever he tells you. He is probably playing you for the fool, which you obviously are. BTW, I, nor my USC physical therapy student ever wanted to join an elitist fraternity system insofar as we didn’t need to enter a system guaranteeing friendship, etc…and as to your son telling you he does not interact with “licentious women,” he most definitely would if given the opportunity. Hell, I am over 50 and without marriage holding me back, I would!

  25. Josephine
    Josephine says:

    USC needs to up its admission standards and start requiring SAT subject tests in order to screen out most of the applicants likely to engage in this kind of partying on the weekend before finals start.

    • Alum
      Alum says:

      Please have a real conversation with the Office of Admission before you speaking about something you clearly know little about.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I hate feeding the trolls but I’m wondering what fictitious university you’re envisioning where students don’t party on the last day of class? Dartmouth has a highly present [partying] Greek system and students at Cambridge go out to the pubs on weeknights

    • kwynn
      kwynn says:

      Because the SAT was designed to measure one’s chance of partying on a Friday night… almost a week before finals even start, right?

  26. Robert MacKinnon
    Robert MacKinnon says:

    If I had anything to do with it, The minute they started thriowing any objects at Sworn Officers, they should have been Arrested. Thos Officers would not have been there unless there was more than one complaint, either about the party of NOISE in General. If they infringe on others rights to Peace and Quiet, they deserve to be BUSTED.
    Those Officer Rish their lives for you and I, every day, and they deserve much more than to be harrassed by some Idiot that wants to throw things at Officers. If one had been Injured, or killed, there would have been HELL to pay on the part of the Students.
    The Law is written to protect the Innocent, as well as you Jerks, too.

    • Alum
      Alum says:

      Robert: Even LAPD is not sure where and who the objects were thrown. Although I agree that many Peace Officer risk (not Rish) their lives for the community, they also have a responsibility to treat every person equal and in a fair and just manner. Additionally, our tax payer dollars to do not need to be used for unarmed, non-threatening students. Especially when you have a young female about 5’5″ at 110lbs being arrested by 4 cops. Really?

      • Paul Howard
        Paul Howard says:

        She was being treated equally. That’s why there were 4 cops. Whether you are 6’5″ & 220 lbs or 5″5″ at 110lbs. You get 4 cops per person in such situations.

  27. James Montgomery
    James Montgomery says:

    I think this was necessary because I’ve seen black people’s parties and not only are they loud but they look dangerous. I would never go to one.
    These kids call themselves “educated” but all they love doing is disrupting the peace, talking back, and causing trouble. USC shouldnt accept their asses anymore!!!!!

    • A proud BLACK usc student
      A proud BLACK usc student says:

      Your ignorance is disgusting. As I am pretty sure it is illegal to deny any person admission to anything based off of the color of their skin, perhaps USC should seek to stop admitting people who make uneducated and racist comments like yourself….

    • Black Trojan
      Black Trojan says:

      These students, not kids, attend one of the most highly regarded universities in the country. If that alone is not enough to prove that their educated, I would look to the students that were arrested. These students are on academic scholarships, students on the Dean’s list, students that have done academic research, and students that are leaders in their community. They have every right to call themselves educated because they have put in the work to prove it. While you may think they love causing trouble, the reality is they are hard working students that love supporting their community, being role models, reaching out into the community to help other minority students get a college education. If by disrupting the peace, talking back, and causing trouble you mean disrupting a status quo built upon preferential treatment based on race, speaking out against ignorance and injustice, fighting to create change then yes these students LOVE this, and I encourage them to fight on!

      P.S. We appreciate you for not attending parties hosted by Black scholars. Your ignorance is not welcome here.

    • A proud Latino student.
      A proud Latino student. says:

      James, I can assure you that any students of color at USC are more than qualified to get in and take extra precautions to have safe parties. Who got YOU into our school?

  28. A USC mom
    A USC mom says:

    I find it odd and disconcerting that for every other incident there is a text going out to the community. I would think something of this magnitude would have generated one of those “stay away from the area”. But someone upstairs wanted to keep this one under wraps. Why, what was their intention in hiding this incident. I agree that the amount of force displayed here seems way overboard and can be seen as a provocation. USC administration, DPS and LAPD better control their aggressiveness otherwise they are inviting “pushback”. When you constantly tell children they are “bad” and overly punish, the end result is that they live up to these expectations.

  29. Bobby Bruin
    Bobby Bruin says:

    Maybe you animals could consider your animal neighbors who like peace and quiet on a Saturday night. There won’t be any celebrating come football season!!!

  30. EmbarrassedTrojan
    EmbarrassedTrojan says:

    “some students at the party began throwing objects at LAPD officers that came to the scene”

    All I needed to see. Tag’em and bag’em.

    • Stephen
      Stephen says:

      You don’t even know if that’s true. I’m pretty sure no student would do that to one officer. It doesn’t make sense, since they would get bashed. Obviously they were making that shit up.

    WAH WAH WAH says:

    oh my god, a one-sided story from college students who say that they were completely peaceful and did absolutely nothing to illicit a tactical response from the police department!

    the PD came knocking down doors, tasering people, and throwing everybody on the ground just because they were black! ABSOLUTELY nothing illegal was done and the PIGS literally came in and started bashing peoples heads in!


    these sheltered USC kids think the LAPD gets off by shutting down their parties? they fucking patrol SOUTH CENTRAL LOS ANGELES, they have enough excitement on their beats pretty much 24/7 and worrying about USC students should be last on their list of priorities…spoiled ass kids think they have problems. you’ve got to be kidding me.

    this part fucking kills me:

    Some students who did not attend the party also responded to the night’s events. Emily Rosenfield, a freshman majoring in studio and jazz guitar said the police’s reaction was not fitting.

    “I definitely think it’s an overreaction,” Rosenfield said. “Instead of [the Department of Public Safety] shutting down the party, LAPD had to come. It’s just too excessive and it’s not something that has to be done.”

    I’m sorry, you WEREN’T at the party but you’re qualified enough to assess the situation, WHY? My god.

    • Christina Nour
      Christina Nour says:

      She attended a party directly across the street and saw the whole thing happen, so yes, she is qualified enough to assess the situation.

    • Stephen
      Stephen says:

      Yeah, the last time I heard living on one side of the street allowed you to see what was going on in the street in front of you. But I may be biased, I live a normal life.

  32. Chulita
    Chulita says:

    As a Manager of one of the numerous bldgs. in the USC communitiy, I’m so sick and tired of these USC kids disturbing the peace (and my sleepless nights) due to their USC lame rituals and talking/excesslively loud bet. 1a & 6a outside the bldgs. LAPD & DPS service the community to maintain safety and consideration for everyone and I applaud them for trying to keep this excessive noise nonesense to a minimum as I have seen these “supposedly” educated students disrespect and back talk to officers without being provicated! You wouldn’t talk to your Mama that way…therefore have some respect and disperse when DPS & LAPD asks you to!

  33. Sandoval
    Sandoval says:

    The comment given by LAPD Watch Commander makes me very angry, he said, in this area, its typical to have officers in riot gear on weekends.. .. what??? Since when….as a long time non-student resident of this particular area, I’m yet too have ever see police officers in riot gear. USC has brought this problem on it self for having this area/ community over policed due to its safety measures, and for profiling this Community, which has been deeply impacted by displacement of its long time residents.. But on this occasion the students got a taste or the typical response/ treatment from the police of what an intercity person of color has to encounter on a daily basis… But all of a sudden it’s too drastic a response… Because its happening to students and not the profiled individual down the street….

    • Uhhhh
      Uhhhh says:

      Wait.. you start your argument by saying you have never seen an LAPD officer in riot gear on the weekends. But then you say the treatment these kids faced was a typical response by LAPD toward an “intercity person of color.. on a daily basis.” What exactly are you arguing? It’s either one or the other. This is why no one cares about your opinion. Everyone is always out to get YOU when the situation in question literally has nothing to do with you.

      • Collin
        Collin says:

        Actually Sandoval makes sense. He just pointed out the tactics that residents get that students don’t get. It’s not one or the other actually, they both work. The school is defending itself from an abusive LAPD that unjustly profiles.

  34. Paul Howard
    Paul Howard says:

    It’s finals week. I presume that all these USC party participants were up studying late? Maybe this was a criminal justice class lab session?

      • Paul Howard
        Paul Howard says:

        Gee Collin, the article only mentions the guy who had the party is graduating. How about Mr. Hicks (a junior)? Was he not studying too? And then there is the freshman from the party across the street. Was she not studying too? Also, I was not aware that USC students do not have to take final exams the semester that they graduate. I guess things have changed since I attended USC.

        • Neuroscience Senior
          Neuroscience Senior says:

          Gee Paul, don’t you think you’re being a bit pretentious & jumping to conclusions here? Perhaps their classes might not have finals and only have final projects and papers that they already finished by that day. Like WRIT340 which has no final, which you should remember, since every student took WRIT340.

          In my classes, I only have one final and it’s the end of the week. The rest of my classes, such as my BISC-423 Neurological Disorders class had a paper & presentation due last week. Same with my Bioinformatics & Population Genomics class. I could have (in fact I did) party hard last weekend because my one final is relatively easy (for me) and it’s a long time from now.

          • Paul Howard
            Paul Howard says:

            I suggest you reread my last post. Your thinking seems to be still impaired from all that partying.

        • USC Alum
          USC Alum says:

          You probably forgot that finals are not held every single day. In my undergrad years at USC, my finals schedule was always different. I had several semesters where my only finals were two papers or writing assignments due on the last day of the finals schedule — so, considering that Monday and Tuesday of this week are “study days,” I can’t imagine why students who don’t have tests until next week would spend their weekend evenings studying. (Newsflash: You can study during the daytime and still go out at night!)

          I am graduating from USC with my MA next week and I have no finals. I turned in my final paper for a class last week, and my thesis is due in June. What should I be studying for, exactly?

          Go take your humblebragging elsewhere.

        • Disgusted Freshman
          Disgusted Freshman says:

          I’m sorry Paul Howard, but I highly doubt you were studying on your Friday night. And the last day of classes at that? Whether these students had homework is completely irrelevant and it is extremely disappointing that you, a fellow USC student, would ignore the blatant racism that was experienced that night and instead make such an ignorant statement. I came to USC hoping to be apart of a “Trojan Family” and this is no where near that.

  35. L
    L says:

    The biggest issue at USC is the swarms of DPS and LAPD. I find myself more afraid of them than some random hoodlum or drive-by. LAPD/DPS is more concerned with harassing students and ticketing us over made-up laws than our protection.

    We really need to scale them back as they are ruining the school.

  36. Swann
    Swann says:

    Fascinating that DPS “was not involved in the response”, though the University Shield that adorns their uniforms can be made out clearly in a number of different videos of the response, standing alongside LAPD.

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