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EDITORIAL BOARD: Campus free speech must be responsible

On what was otherwise a normal Wednesday afternoon, students noticed something out of the ordinary sold by a campus vendor on Trousdale Parkway. According to reports from the Daily Trojan, the booth sold T-shirts and albums with the swastika symbol. The booth set off debates between nearby students. Many found the presence of the products […]

UPDATE: LAPD response angers students, raises questions

UPDATE: Photos from the scene, courtesy of USC student Christopher James.    Multiple USC students were detained after approximately 70+ Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a noise complaint at a student party early Saturday morning on 23rd and Hoover streets, according to several student accounts. At approximately 2 a.m., the LAPD officers arrived at […]

Parental talks prove awkward but crucial

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most children don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex. Sure, there are those lucky few who have a liberal relationship with their cool, hip parents. But most of the time you either keep details about your sex life to yourself or only […]

Next weekend gives chance to show off self

It's October and that can (obviously) mean only one thing: Trojan Family Weekend. What has become your sanctuary from parental supervision — the place where you can go wild on the weekends and barely survive the workweek — will now be infiltrated by mothers, fathers and whomever else wants to tag along.

Icon Plaza Starbucks makes one too many

There’s nothing quite like the opening of a new coffee shop to make people nod their heads and agree that “Yes, that certainly is another place I can now buy coffee.” It’s a lack of enthusiasm felt by hundreds of USC students last week in response to the christening of Icon Plaza’s very own Starbucks. […]