Pedestrians should play equally important role in their own safety

USC’s pedestrian safety campaign has been doggedly trying to instill a sense of accountability in the large contingent of cyclists and boarders on campus. But and equally important component of pedestrian safety is pedestrian accountability. Somewhere down the line, there seems to have been a subtle injection of an us vs. them mentality into the […]

Streets close around campus for summer

Just days removed from commencement and the end of spring semester, the university has begun work on nearly 50 summer construction projects, many of which will lead to street and building closures already affecting life on campus this summer. The summer construction schedule began Monday and is scattered throughout campus. Street closures, as a result […]

Suspicious green liquid on campus

Students around USC have been seeing green lately, but what’s really the source of the mysterious green goo appearing on campus? Ahmed Fahim | Daily Trojan (Click to enlarge)