Vegan food in LA: Cafe Gratitude

Courtesy of Annie Hickey

Week two of delicious vegan food in our enormous LA area and I had to return to the OG Vegan eats location. Whether you’re vegan or not, I’m going to pretty safely bet that you’ve at least heard of Cafe Gratitude – I began eating here well before I “officially” introduced a vegan diet into the rest of my lifestyle.

Courtesy of Annie Hickey

Courtesy of Annie Hickey

Cafe Gratitude, for those of you in the dark here, is an all-vegan, super delicious, offers-everything restaurant with a number of locations here in LA – our closest locations to USC are those in the Arts District and Larchmont, but we can’t forget to mention the super-hip and gorgeous Venice Beach location, too!

With a menu spanning over delicious bowls (curry, Mexican mucho bowls, healthy grain bowls, etc.), burgers, wraps, pizzas, raw desserts, fruit cobblers with ice cream, “milkshakes” and so much more, you’re going to want to go here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Oh, and it’s on Postmates… so… you can!)

They also host a free meal on Thanksgiving for anyone who wishes to attend. I (the foreigner who had nowhere to be during Thanksgiving break last year!) took myself and my non-vegan friend along for lunch, and it was delicious, free and incredibly welcoming! You sit at the tables with strangers who are there for the same reason – good food and good company!

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-6-12-15-pmYou can check out Cafe Gratitude’s menu here, or their incredible instagram here (yes, I follow their Instagram – it’s marvelous).

And for those of you who can’t seem to get enough Mexican food but are somewhat sick of Chipotle bowls and burritos, check out Gracias Madre, an all-vegan Mexican restaurant located in West Hollywood, brought to you by the same geniuses that created Cafe Gratitude.

(The fact that my incredibly non-vegan dad who loves good food and can be crazy picky chooses to eat here when he visits me in LA says…. A lot.)