Vegan & Vegetarian Food: Finals Week Edition

Finals suck – there’s no other way to put it. Late nights, no sleep, too much coffee, chocolate, candy (although can we ever really have too much?), all running, running, running towards the reward of Winter Break… a reward that never seems to get any closer. Luckily for you, however, there are a bunch of […]

Vegan food in LA: Cafe Gratitude

Week two of delicious vegan food in our enormous LA area and I had to return to the OG Vegan eats location. Whether you’re vegan or not, I’m going to pretty safely bet that you’ve at least heard of Cafe Gratitude – I began eating here well before I “officially” introduced a vegan diet into […]

Vegan food in LA: Pressed Juicery – Freeze

I chose probably the worst time to go vegan in my entire life – a month into my freshman year at college. I mean, seriously? Did I actually consider the fact that I had to eat out of the on campus dining halls…..? Clearly not, and I quickly realized that living off peanut butter toast […]

More than just a lifestyle: my path to embracing veganism

Bougey juice bars inhabited by Los Angeles’ swankiest hipsters, crunchy eateries packed with heavily pierced and tattooed rebels, and nature preserves encompassed by (high) tree-hugging hippies — these are some of the typecasts of vegans. Regardless of these awfully true stereotypes, veganism is trending for a variety of palpable reasons — mainly its unparalleled ethical, […]

Animal rights groups shouldn’t push veganism

What does the typical vegan look like? You might imagine a hemp-clad hippie or a willowy celebutante. In recent years, however, the vegan movement has gained some unusual participants, such as metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and former boxer Mike Tyson. There’s also a subset of body builders, the subject of a Jan. 4 article in […]

Food eaters should pay more attention to entire process

You probably aren’t conscious of it all the time, but the fact remains: Food is life. At the very least, it’s true from a literal point of view. After all, what’s more essential than food? Technically water and air, but that’s a conceit. Think about it: Food is everywhere, and in a smorgasbord of flavors, […]