Men’s style: What do your clothes say about you?

Guys, have you ever wondered what message your clothes are sending to women? Ladies, have you ever wondered how to spot a certain “type” by what he is wearing? In case you’re struggling, here’s a few fashion choices that reveal a lot about a guy’s personality. The bro-tank This guy is a bro. He can […]

How to accessorize with unique hand jewelry

Recently, I have become obsessed with hand jewelry, especially with rings. On an average day, I wear up to 10 rings: massive rings, phalange rings, even nail rings. The best part about my ring obsession is that stores are seemingly obsessed with this trend too. Upon entering stores like TopShop, Zara, Forever21, Abercrombie and Urban […]

Standing out with sneaker style

Sneakers have become a hot item on and off the runway this year. What used to be only workout gear, is now taking on a new role as a high fashion trend. The sporty and cool feel they give off can add an edge to any outfit. From Nikes to New Balances and Adidas, sneakers […]

How to wear summer accessories all year long

Summer break has ended, and most people are being forced to say goodbye to sandals and crop tops. However, warm weather is here to stay in Southern California, which makes varying outfits for the hot weather a year-round dilemma for USC students. Though accessories may seem small and unimportant, it is always the small details […]

Freshman fashion mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Though trends come and go, there are certain fashion rules that facilitate the transition from high school to college. Abiding by these style statutes may distract from the lost look in your eyes as you recover from USC culture shock and save you the embarrassment of becoming “that” freshman. The label is notorious, and labels […]

Trojan Trends: Back-to-School edition

Sure, in elementary school — and maybe high school (who am I kidding though?) — I would set time aside to plan out my outfits for the first day of class. I thought this feeling would dissipate once I reached college, but I was wrong. I still make a hazard of my closet before the […]

FYF: How to fit in by standing out

Arranging a lineup and planning an outfit go hand in hand for music festival attendees. Let’s not pretend that Coachella’s music festival is the only display of popular street fashion. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the FYF Festival is sure to be a hub of the latest fashion trends. If you are feeling […]