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Study finds damaging effects of pollution

A study conducted by USC Professor and senior author Caleb Finch found that freeway pollution resulted in significant neuron damage for mice. This was the first study to explore the physical effect of freeway pollution on brain cells. In the study mice were exposed to a synthetic combination of floating freeway matter. The mice were […]

Budget shutdown continues to threaten social services

As Republicans and Democrats continue to spar over this year’s budget, the prospect of a partial government shutdown looms. Both parties have agreed that they want to avoid a government shutdown at all costs, however, a government shutdown may hinge on funding for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which provides reproductive health materials and child […]

Tyagi announces plans after being sworn into office

Undergraduate Student Government President Monish Tyagi emphasized providing students with an incredible experience Tuesday night when he was sworn into office. Tyagi pledged to provide all students with ‘the premier undergraduate experience,’ a phrase often used by Former President Chris Cheng. Cheng introduced Tyagi as someone who has already “worked extremely hard for this organization and for […]

The Clothesline Project tackles sexual violence

This morning, members of the Clothesline Project at USC hung up T-shirts around Alumni Park decorated by survivors of sexual violence and the people who support them. Each color shirt represents a different form of sexual violence: grey represents gang rape; light blue and green are child abuse and incest; dark blue is for supporters […]

Budget woes continue in California

Lawmakers in Sacramento failed to reach a consensus Thursday on how to solve the State’s mounting budget deficit. Gov. Jerry Brown had hoped to receive a minimum of four republican votes in order to mandate a special election on maintaining tax increases, implemented in 2009 under then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Currently about half of the State’s, […]

Interfaith Panel Held on Abraham

Leaders of three faiths—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—met together yesterday to discuss the different ways Abraham is discussed in each of the religious traditions at USC Hillel. The panel included Rabbi Reuven Firestone, professor of medieval Judaism at the Hebrew Union College and co-director of the USC Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement; Imam Jihad Turk, director of […]

Religious Center, JEP executive director to hold talk with students tonight

Thinking about the future and what lies ahead can often be a rather daunting activity. Hearing the stories of others and how their lives came together can help relieve some of that normal anxiety that we all feel. Today at the University Religious Center, students will be given the chance to listen to USC faculty […]

Installation on Trousdale raises awareness of social issues

The Intervarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship has erected an eye-catching installation on Trousdale to address some of the problems that plague L.A. The booth features a wheel of misfortune, photos and exhibits that touch on issues like homelessness, alcoholism, abuse, racism, poverty and injustice. One of the members is sleeping on a cardboard box in front […]

Analysis shows lack of women’s sports coverage in media

On March 14, Michael Messner, an expert in the sociology of sports at the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, spoke to Ms. Magazine about the lack of coverage of women’s sports in the media. He has been collecting research on the prevalence of women’s sports in the media, and comparing the coverage to […]

Kotlowitz to visit Dornsife College

Award-winning journalist and author of There Are No Children Here, Alex Kotlowitz, will be presented today by the USC Dornsife College and USC Spectrum. Kotlowitz was a staff writer at The Wall Street Journal from 1984 to 1993 after freelancing for five years, whereupon he wrote for multiple magazines. Currently he contributes to The New York Times magazine and […]