Toasted, chilled or baked: Oatmeal is anything but boring

Most people do not get excited about eating oatmeal. College students regard it as an efficient albeit unpalatable weekday breakfast, made somewhat more appealing with toppings such as brown sugar and chocolate chips. I, too, shared these sentiments until discovering Megan Gordon’s cookbook, Whole Grain Mornings.   The book is filled with healthy and inspiring […]

Dracula reanimates classic Universal screen monsters

Count Dracula has an image problem that has nothing to do with mirrors.   Dracula Untold, the action-horror hybrid swooping into theaters this weekend, is the latest attempt to recast Bram Stoker’s deathless creation as a flawed, romantic hero who transforms himself into a tragic monster for the sake of his loved ones. The film, […]

Gambino impresses with multiple new projects

Few artists can release two albums in one week and still have enough energy to write and produce a television series, but Childish Gambino is a class above his competition. By releasing both an EP and a mixtape with completely different vibes simultaneously, Gambino, born Donald Glover, has placed himself at the forefront of hip-hop, […]

Transitioning to college dating brings new challenges

Navigating the choppy waters of college dating is a visceral experience for many freshmen. Not that you develop an understanding of it after your first year — I have found that for many, the waters remain just as choppy for all four years. Companionship is a primal need, and dating rituals have been documented throughout […]

Open-faced toasts are simple and adaptable

Despite its sophisticated French name, a tartine is simply a thick slice of rustic bread lightly toasted and adorned with whatever sweet and savory ingredients suit your fancy. Served with a lightly dressed green salad, a tartine feels more special than the predictable PB&J but just as quick and easy to prepare. Since the open-faced […]

Gone Girl strains union of pulp, prestige

David Fincher is a director celebrated for approaching his subjects with a clinical curiosity usually reserved for back-alley surgeons and unscrupulous morticians. His films are clean, elegant surfaces whose austere contours mask the stench of madness and moral decay. So how did the dispassionate perfectionist behind Se7en, Fight Club and Zodiac become the industry’s go-to […]

New Weezer album puts new spin on classic sound

A mother in the first track of Weezer’s newest album says “Everything will be alright in the end.” This intro is an overarching theme of the album, as the familiar lyrics about girls and loneliness mix with nostalgia and reflection to create an idea of what’s to come for both the band’s lead singer and […]

Tips for having the best first date you can imagine

Take a break from the frat parties and take that person you have been crushing on out on a date. What makes a perfect first date is subjective. When sparks are flying, you could be walking across campus with a new friend and suddenly realize that you just had the greatest time of your life. […]

One-pan fried rice dishes offer flavor and freshness

The fast food industry has given comfort foods a bad reputation. Classic dishes such as macaroni and cheese, hamburgers and chili are often laden with processed ingredients and refined sugars. Even seemingly healthy fast-food options such as salads and wraps lack the honesty and wholesome flavor of their homemade counterparts. One of my goals with […]

True Detective unmasks its new cast members

Time might be a flat circle, but the speculation over the casting of the second season of True Detective is finally drawing to a close. Last Tuesday, HBO confirmed that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn would be joining the critically adored series for its highly anticipated sophomore outing, which will swap the swampy desolation of […]