Startups offer high risk, high reward

David Fincher’s The Social Network, which opened in theaters in 2010, painted the college startup scene as something fast-paced, risky and, most of all, exciting. It seemed like the movie compared the startup scene to gambling. Hit it big, and you can drop out of school and work on growing your startup. Fail, and you’ll […]

Music celebrates holiday spirit

Thanksgiving season is right around the corner. Though it’s easy to get carried away stuffing ourselves with turkey and mashed potatoes, delicious cornbread and apple pies, the heart of the holiday is all about the people we are thankful for — our loved ones. So whether you’re sharing this Thanksgiving with your family at home, […]

Studios break the bank for awards

As the year draws to a close, the film industry begins to gear up for the madness of awards season. The films that studios believe to be their best chances at Academy Award gold will be strategically released in these last couple of months to keep them fresh in the minds of voters. It is […]

Spotify adapts to users’ taste

My name is Daniel, and I’m a Spotify addict. I actually have been for quite some time, so perhaps it would be more accurate at this point to call me a Spotify abuser. I love Spotify. Typically, a session starts with an artist I know, say The Tallest Man on Earth. When I’m ready to […]

Activists rally for Movember

Every November, beards grow longer as the days grow shorter. No Shave November is a show of support and a way to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Though an annual phenomenon, No Shave November can still be considered a trend. Some people partake in the seasonal activity while others do not. In high school, I […]

Social sites can open new doors

It can be a lonely world out there, especially when there’s no Wi-Fi. But sometimes, even with a secure Internet connection, digital life can be lonely. Keeping in touch is presumably made easier with social media. With new social networks and apps constantly being added, however, it can be difficult to keep up with all […]

Marvel takes new approach

There are plenty of successful film franchises, and plenty of superhero movies. Thor: The Dark World, coming out this weekend, certainly fits both of these categories. This film fits into a superhero franchise of a scope and ambition unlike anything we have seen before in the film industry. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an undertaking […]

Tech users prone to hacking

There have been a few pieces of recent news that made me feel, once again, that perhaps I’m not the only one with a turbulent relationship to changing communication technologies. Last week, on Oct. 28, the Syrian Electronic Army struck again. The group of hackers supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime took credit for redirecting […]

Bitstrips offer little creativity

For the majority of the trends I’ve explored, I have tried to maintain an open mind. Embarking on any activity with a positive outlook is an essential step in getting positive results. I will admit, however, that I decided to explore Bitstrips out of sheer annoyance. Bitstrips is both a mobile app and a desktop […]

Eight key steps to an internship

For many students at USC, November marks the time to begin applying for that perfect summer internship. For programmers, a position at Google or Facebook means incredible benefits, stellar connections and rightfully earned bragging rights. Landing a job at one of the Big Four — Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, KPMG — as an accounting […]