A look at this week’s box office ratings

With last week’s films experiencing huge drops and the two new releases not making an impact, the toy-based blockbuster continued its dominance at the box office.  The LEGO Movie repeated at No. 1 with $31.3 million, a light 37 percent drop from its giant President’s Day weekend gross.  So far the film has earned a […]

Do the Oscars really matter?

My family loves film. It’s integral to who we are. My mom acts. My dad works in box office data. I’ve worked at a movie theater on and off throughout college. To no one’s surprise, we take the Academy Awards very seriously. And the Smith family father-daughter Oscar pool is no exception. With that star-studded, […]

House of Cards plays on antihero fervor

Why does it feel so good to root for the bad guy? The greatest villains alternately attract and repel their audiences, drawing us in close before going for the jugular. Some seduce us with their beauty, ambition or corrupted sense of righteousness. Others dazzle us with the polish of their silver tongues. A few steal […]

Replace holiday eats with healthy options

After Valentine’s Day, life either gets better or goes back to normal — many people, like a particular Daily Trojan columnist, also outgrow their favorite pair of jeans after eating an impossible amount of chocolate. Yes, chocolate is said to be “good for you,” if it is dark chocolate — cures cancer and what not […]

Studying proves more difficult than anticipated in London

It’s called studying abroad for a reason. You’re supposed to study. I mean, it’s in the name. Yet for some reason, the whole studying aspect of the semester is often the most commonly overlooked when it comes to an evaluation of the experience. It’s not too hard to figure out why, either. It’s pretty difficult […]

DC Animation continues to overpower Marvel

Ever since director Zack Snyder hinted that his upcoming Man of Steel sequel, still tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman, would serve as a direct lead-in to the long-rumored Justice League movie, fans have accused Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment of rushing things in order to replicate the phenomenal crossover success of Marvel’s The Avengers. Others […]

No shortage of events for food lovers in Los Angeles

The second Annual LA Bacon Festival that kindly reminds patrons to “Get your Lipitor ready” took place this past Saturday at the Petersen Automotive Museum -— by the time I found out about it, I was too late to purchase tickets. As a self-proclaimed foodie and bacon lover, I failed all that I stood for […]

LA ShopWalk excites visitors

You might not have heard about it, but ShopWalk DTLA happened last Sunday. The event — a functional walking tour of local business in Downtown Los Angeles complete with discounts and specials at more than the 50 participating locations — was an interesting look at just how much the area’s retail scene has grown. It […]

Microsoft attempts to revamp company

With a rapidly changing world of technology and people continuously abandoning the personal computer and turning to mobile devices and the Internet for their daily tasks, worldwide leader Microsoft is trying to keep up. The technology giant announced that Satya Nadella, who was previously head of the company’s cloud and enterprise group, will take over […]