Music helps facilitate self-reflection

“No Drum And Bass In The Jazz Room” is the only album by instrumental math-rock/post-rock band Clever Girl, who split up less than a year after recording it. With ringing guitar chords, ethereal saxophone melodies, and driving yet meditative rhythms, the album finds a particular emotional space, simultaneously melancholy and hopeful and, at times, almost fun. […]

PODCAST: Pop Is So Deep rediscovers its All-American roots in Hoodie Allen’s music

Episode 3: Saving Private Hoodie Allen They say 18 is a magic number. In this week’s installment of Pop is So Deep, Buck and Kassel go #AllAmerican to discuss Hoodie Allen’s new song “Ain’t Ready” off his 3rd studio album The Hype. Buck, Kassel and Theory Boy discover that Hoodie is a power bottoming, troop supporting, Wharton going, […]